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Anybody have any tips for me about working with special education staff at a school? My kids are homeschooled luckily, but at least one of my kids does need an IEP and services.

Honestly any tips about talking to education people at all are gonna be helpful. I don't anticipate it being a confrontational or a negative experience, but humans are hard really.

#actuallyautistic #spoonie #parenting

I was reading about 1.4 and what if I like the new farm map, what if I sink another 100 hours in? :drooling:

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#florespondence from my parent's yard. Tail end of iris season here in central Oklahoma, but the daisy-type flowers will be going for a while.

I think I'd forgotten how nice having a garden is. Maintaining is taking a lot of spoons right now, (pupper doesn't help 😩 ) but I get to see visible results, and that makes me feel better.

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The Dutch tulip fields (this shot is from some years ago).


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If you’re looking outside and asking yourself “where did the daffodils go?” SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER I TOOK THEM ALL #florespondence

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I transplanted this into my yard last year and it's doing fantastic. #florespondence

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Finally, a name for that sickening media fascination with documenting poor people's struggles to cope when the system fails them without questioning why & how the system has failed them: perseverance porn.

I still don't have everything in the ground yet (and still bitter about the lack of zucchini). 🌼 :tomatosv:


Tomorrow is at least in Nebraska, where it is considered a holiday.

Can you celebrate with me by planting a ?

Me: I'm looking forward to planting things this Saturday
Also Me: Oh god It's hot and I never want to go outside again.

Hm. Crafts or Stardew. It's like, do I want cotton, or do I want virtual wool?

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#DailyPerennial - Ajuga reptans 'atropurpurea'.

I have this in my mini Forest Garden Border. It's a good evergreen mat-forming ground cover plant and helps cover bare soil so there are less weeds. Another one loved by bees. It also has purple leaves and flowers. I love purple.

#Florespondence #Plants #ForestGarden

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