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Hello, this is an alt of @lapis .

She or They is fine.

I'm , so hello Autistic friends!

I try to post about here (I mostly, but I am learning )

As might be expected, I do a LOT of my posting here.

Sometimes I post about social justice stuff from this account (though my main does too).

Sometimes plant posting,

I love fiction and run the at my @lapis alt (in case you love it too)


I was trying to make a 70s sunset diamond improvised #miniquilt but instead I think I got a trans pride quilt? Like the outcome! #quilting

This is slowly coming along and the more I do the more I'm so so happy with it! The bottom half is going to be lots of block coloring, but near the top is when it gets a bit more detailed 👀


Knitting, Babies 

Friends of mine just had their baby! I also was about to finish the baby pants I was making for them so good timing.
Yarn is from a German dyer (Piratenwolle) that I found in my stash during lockdown and it's the Min Kärlek Babypants pattern by Alice Heterjag

#Gardening question: best place for romaine? Will it thrive in a container? Does it want shade? Does it need super-well-drained soil or very damp soil?


Woo, the Camassia's are flowering. This is Camassia leichtlinii 'Caerulea'. They are bulbs, growing under my Quince tree and come up in May (in the UK).

I love the blue and I think it works really well with the grass, Stipa tenuissima (Mexican feather grass).

@plants #Gardening #Plants #Bulbs

🌺 #florespondence
seeing red today! the red rhodies are blooming, and a neighbor has one of my favorite daisy varieties near the curb

I still have like, 12 patrons subscribed at my Patreon despite multiple announcements that I'm leaving/ have left the platform. If you are my patron over at patreon/newfire and you wish to continue supporting me, please do so at

patreon's predatory pay day loan scheme, shoving the burden of responsibility of taxes/ vat announcements on creators, their continual push to install themselves as a payment processor, discrimination again sex workers and every other shady bullshit they've tried has pushed me to leave their platform, so i'm no longer updating there.

you can still support me with a on off coffee or monthly subscription at

Here's a really cool online store that is ENTIRELY Indigenous run!

It is Ojibwe and all the money goes towards helping Ojibwe people!

Hell yeah!


I know this is from 2015. but he still exists.

also, this is about Rand Paul thinking that Native Americans weren't assimilated enough, and that's the real problem.

LGBTQ homelessness in US 20% 

1 in 5 #LGBTQ persons has "experienced(!)" homelessness in the last month. This article in LGBTQ Nation seems to make a real and successful attempt to avoid mentioning the number of #transgender folk in the number cited.

I set a goal to do some sewing today because my hands hurt if I don't change things up. I'm pleased with this but I do look forward to getting faster. This took me HOURS.

#FloreSpondence - #gardening
Daffodils in the hedgerow and garlic doing quite well in the, well, root vegetable bed. Planted last autumn from a friend's sister's garlic business' offcasts.

I finished it! After 1 year of stitching (with a break for a minor WoW stint), I finished converting this #pixelart scene to #crossstitch. It’s the biggest stitch I’ve ever done, 8x10 inches on 18-count Aida, bringing it in at over 25,000 stitches. I stabbed this piece of fabric over 100,000 times.

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