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Hello, this is an alt of @lapis .

She or They is fine.

I'm , so hello Autistic friends!

I try to post about here (I mostly, but I am learning )

As might be expected, I do a LOT of my posting here.

Sometimes I post about social justice stuff from this account (though my main does too).

Sometimes plant posting,

I love fiction and run the at my @lapis alt (in case you love it too)


I made my second Elekk plushie! I made my own pattern based on in-game models in warcraft a couple years back, example of the models in the fourth pic. #sewing #crafts #brynnsbears #art

A #DIY / #Sewing question.

Can anyone recommend a really good brand of iron on fabric repair sheets?

I've had some, such as Prym and Hemline, come off in the next wash. So I'm looking for something that will stay on permanently. Any suggestions?

PROJECT UPDATE! it's slowly coming together....... done all the purple at the bottom, now just one more color on the lower half... all tho there's a lot of it

Then I get to start on the details at the top!!


Not my usual share here but I finished a crocheted cowl. The yarn is cotton so it's warm but not scratchy.

If I had a sewing machine I'd be a bit tempted to line it with fabric so it'd be effective as a mask (since it can be pulled up over the mouth/nose) but eh.



Damn difficult to photograph those colors (my phone made them pastel which they definitely aren't) but I really like how this cowl is coming along. #knitting

Bound of 249 stitches and this is what's left of my yarn. Never played a game of Yarn chicken that close, but I did win, oh I did win. #knitting

Stop salivating over burning capital. Stop salivating over other cities "rising up" because all y'all can do with it is get exciting about what benefits YOU get from it and conveniently misremember the many many many many many many black folks who had to suffer and die to get this far.

We aren't a thought experiment. We aren't your laborers. We been dying since they brought us over on these ships, it's BEEN like this.

Show some damn respect.

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2) A LOT of y'all are erasing and re-traumatizing and chasing away black users ON HERE in your attempts to show support. You can shove your leftist analytical takes up your ass. We are dying. We are resisting. You are waxing poetic like it's your revolution to comment on. It's not. Shut up.

Like give your money, be a human shield or shut up.

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I was trying to make a 70s sunset diamond improvised #miniquilt but instead I think I got a trans pride quilt? Like the outcome! #quilting

This is slowly coming along and the more I do the more I'm so so happy with it! The bottom half is going to be lots of block coloring, but near the top is when it gets a bit more detailed 👀


Knitting, Babies 

Friends of mine just had their baby! I also was about to finish the baby pants I was making for them so good timing.
Yarn is from a German dyer (Piratenwolle) that I found in my stash during lockdown and it's the Min Kärlek Babypants pattern by Alice Heterjag

#Gardening question: best place for romaine? Will it thrive in a container? Does it want shade? Does it need super-well-drained soil or very damp soil?

another rhody! but it's called flame azalea so i don't really know anymore

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