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Today is #IntersexAwarenessDay and this is really important because there is still to less knowledge about it in our society. So maybe use this day to inform yourself about intersex people and intersex problems.

Honest question: is the whole "MGS is not political" thing a hyperbolical joke, or are there actually people who believe that?

People calling bullshit on youtube-dl being DMCA'ed, but that's exactly the problem: the takedown notice is completely in the right.
Lots of people think copyright is a lot less fucked than it actually is.

Would love to say that this is exciting, but honestly I'm just disappointed.

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Not every day you personally catch a speedrun cheater.

we support lgbt rights. we want to fuck everyone over, regardless of who they love or their gender identity. please clap

Also, oof, computer doesn't like Tibetan script.

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Tibetan names rule, actually. Most are gender-agnostic with the most common one being བསྟན་འཛིན (Tenzin), given to children of any gender.

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Uncharted 2 

So the guy who rescues you in the Himalayas is called Tenzin, and his daughter Pema.

Now I've watched The Legend of Korra, where there the air nomad master and his wife have these names.
I looked it up, and apparently they are just common Tibetan names.

Playing Uncharted 2, and I'm genuinely baffeled that anyone called this game "good" back then. Also I'm playing on the PS4 with a lot of gameplay improvements. Still doesn't make the action sections fun.

I'm so sick of AAA first-person shooters and their constant revisionism to fit history to the mold if American Exceptionalism.

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