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flexing by putting a watermark saying "registered hypercam 2" on my youtube videos

the most insidious part of cancel culture isn't that it comes for innocent people, or even that it unfairly punishes people for minor mistakes. the most gruesome part is that its hit a crescendo in the mainstream that any sort of attempt to have serious discussions surrounding accountability or policing one's own community and expelling bad actors gets hit with the label of Cancel Culture and entirely delegitimizes all of the work people are doing, and in some ways vindicates the person in question. no matter what they've done, it can be absolved by "Cancel Culture Hate Mob"

Call of Duty: WWII 

Played the single player campaign.
Gameplay wise the smoothest CoD game I've played.

Story wise it's a few hours of just pure concentrated American exceptionalism. The Holocaust is acknowledged in the game, but feels like a complete afterthought. You just walk through the remains of a German concentration camp in the epilogue.

And then there is this real gem at the end of the credits.

Stand up comedian career of reading Wikipedia articles in a funny voice

Autocorrect wants to make "Sarkeesian" into "Keynesian".

Whenever Anita Sarkeesian comes up in progressive circles, you get some person saying "yeah, she sucks". Is there anything to this, other than her calling sex workers "prostitutes" in on of her videos?

did a video analysis of Brooklyn 99

pls do some comments on the video and some sharing if you feel like ^^

This is your scheduled reminder that the concept of generations is bullshit.

There are no English language sources for this, but starting yesterday, it is illegal to discuss "gender identity" and how assigned gender can differ from you actual gender in schools and universities in Romania.

On Atheism 

This of course doesn't mean that atheism is wrong, just that an atheist's smug appeal to scientific reason in support for their position is false and also insufferable.

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On Atheism 

"God exists" is an unfalsifiable claim, just like the opposite claim is.
The scientific position is agnosticism, until proven otherwise.

"People are inherently selfish, and if you aren't in this fictional scenario that I made up, you have died long ago" says a lot about you as an author and person.

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Did it really take a real world pandemic for people to realise that the generic setting of a zombie apocalypse, where cynics can see their survival-of-the-fittest-scenario play out, sucks?

Just because the people who are calling for police and prison abolition do not have all the answers to your questions, doesn't mean that what they are advocating for isn't vastly superior to what we currently have.

The elevator music playing on Bandcamp's mobile app, when logging in, is a fucking crime.

Whenever I delete one of my posts shortly after publishing, I don't think the post is awful, I just have doubts if it was the best I could have posted for a given situation.

All the good German food that you know, actually isn't. It's all Austrian.

In case you missed it, Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality will give you a giant bundle of indie games for whatever price you want (default 10 USD, minimum 5 USD). The bundle is growing all the time. Even if you buy now, you'll probably get access to more games within the next few days.

"All proceeds will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50."

It already includes awesome games like #MicroMages and #Celeste.

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