video game industry abuse, really bad (CW; suicide, sexual abuse, harassment, misogyny) 

The state of California has filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, for a fucking litany of sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination of women in their workplaces, and a case of sexual abuse so bad, one of their female employees committed suicide on a business trip.

All the PC gamers going "I will install Windows on that Steam Deck" is really funny to me. Have fun fiddling with hardware, like Linux nerds usually do. I'm sure the experience is gonna be great!

linux gaming / journalism 

It's really funny watching video game journalists try to understand Linux. They never had to give a thought to Linux before, and now I've heard/seen/read, in big publications and youtube channels, people claim that linux is android, games run compatibly because it runs on a proton operating system, you can't run apps on linux, etc.

Obviously "min-maxing" like this is harmless when farming NPCs in a video game, but also obviously it isn't when it involves other people.
I would want that social media beyond corporate control focused on how to avoid these side effects of gamification (or rejecting it altogether), instead of thoughtlessly emulating the same design patterns used by corporations.

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The way social media has gamified social interaction results in behaviours like gamers min-maxing an RPG.
You say you don't want me responding to your post? Well, you're on public social media and have thus submitted to the rules that anyone can reply to you, so deal with it!

Can't wait for people to overhype the Steam Deck, get burnt, and Valve discontinuing support in two years time.
The Steam Controller was a good product as well and I'm not seeing how this is going to be different.

There was an animated Layton series?! Why am I only learning about this now??

😶: piracy isn't theft and therefore it isn't bad

😎: piracy is theft and that's good is doing PR copy stating the removal of the CC BY-NC license on runner submission data was an oversight and they have corrected it.

I don't know. On one hand they did completely redirect the /legal URI on their site to a brand new page and I guess they could have just missed that part.

On the other that's a pretty big thing to miss.
Oh. So apparently quietly dropped the CC BY-NC licensing from their leaderboard data sometime in the past week.

Used to be that if you submitted a run to SRC, the metadata was CC BY-NC so anyone could just take that data and rehost it if something happened. Now technically you can't do that.

That's.... great.... I'm also not 100% sure they can just do that without every runner signing on the licensing change.

Ugh that site's going down in flames.

Got a PB in MGSV today!

Happy I got past the 3:10 mark, but I'm not done yet!

When adding an end cart to videos on YouTube, now it always has to also contain a suggested video.
So you can prompt people to subscribe, but only if you suggest to them to consume more of your .
Love this platform.

People hyped themselves up for months with unconfirmed leaks about a new Switch console (4K, better CPU/GPU, etc.), and now it's none of that and people are angry.
They never learn.

question about olympics/misogynoir 

how often are white women bounced from events for having high testosterone levels?

Somebody made a NES demake of The Witness:

It's only a demo, though.

Fundraiser that a Blk sex worker is organizing
"Currently fundraising for a beloved fellow Black organizer, a strong pillar in our communities for decades."

pls boost/donate if you can

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