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Tibetan names rule, actually. Most are gender-agnostic with the most common one being བསྟན་འཛིན (Tenzin), given to children of any gender.

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Anyone who would be willing to join me on a "Speedrunning" list on ? I need more people to justify the list's existence. :boost_ok:

amazing, a channel I follow just did a visualisation of #Celeste speedruns! Great use of the music too

Asking for money for someone else 

So there's a homeless 18 year old asking me for money on Venmo. I've given her some but i thought maybe others could help too? It seems like she's in a really bad situation

Venmo is Tatiana-Toplitz18

elon musk 

Apparently Elon Musk told people to start using Signal and that's why it's crashed today? I have very mixed feelings about this, but it's a great opportunity to remind people that Elon Musk bought the title of "founder of tesla" from the actual founders

serious thoughts about mastodon's "discourse culture", meta 

more people really seriously need to learn to just shut the fuck up on this site, especially when it comes to current events

so many people are seemingly obsessed with having their own say in what's going on when, in reality, the issue truly doesn't affect them or relate to them in any meaningful way

this is one of the main reasons, imo, that we have so many rashes of people speaking for groups they have no business speaking for

Lot's of people in academia on here.
I'm kind of at an impass regarding future life decisions.

So my questions are: Is work in academia worth it? What type of person do I have to be to get joy out of that?

burn twitch 

I always see this sentiment of Twitch being better for actually cracking down on Nazis, in comparison to YouTube. Yeah, congrats on doing the bare minimum.
Twitch profits off of hate all the same, just in different ways and arguably proportions.

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A black streamer is made the face of 'PogChamp' and gets a torrent of harassment directed at him, including getting doxxed:

Do not accuse people of being cops without evidence. This conspiratorial thinking is damaging.

Legend of Korra 

By extension LOK isn't perfect either.
What I really like about the show is how it challenges a lot of myths and assumptions set up by ATLA.
It devotes an entire season to challenging how bender centric all of ATLA was, when most of the population aren't benders.
It demystifies the avatar cycle and also puts Korra into a world that has moved past needing her.
It is much more critical of monarchy and authoritarianism.

The list goes on.

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Legend of Korra 

I'm going to put my cards on the table: I love this show.

To me it seems like a lot of people have some really unchecked nostalgia for ATLA. Not to say that it's bad, but when somebody tells me that LOK's politics are trash, I'm like "Really? In comparison to ATLA, with its support for hereditary bloodlines, superhero myth and nationalism?"
Because every time this criticism is made by saying how much better ATLA was, and like it really wasn't.

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Seems like Legend of Korra discourse comes back every other year.

uspol, gerpol 

To all the people from the EU smugly commenting on what is going on in capitol hill, may I remind you that this happened a few months ago:

The cracks are here all the same, just not as deep.

USPOL, noose 

Let me explain that white nonsense is obv's white violence, and it will be targeting visible actual factual Indigenous & Black folks, Latine or North American and our Asian homies, south and eastern.

Stay at home if you can PLS be careful

look at what they're doing

UK, trans, passports, - 

Here we go again! The UK gov't intends to out trans people applying for a new passport.

"In a response to an initiative to prevent registered sex offenders hiding their new identities, the Home Office stated '.. we intend to also amend our existing Home Office guidance so that only enrolled deed polls (through the Royal Courts of Justice) are accepted as a proof of name change.'"

"Enrolling a deed poll is an arcane process that results in the address, previous name and new name of the applicant being published in The Gazette (the official public record) This means that if a transgender person wishes to change their name on their passport or driving licence or other government issued documentation, they will need to put their gender status and address in the public record.

Transgender people will thus have a Hobson’s choice: they either keep their driving licence and passport in their old name and out themselves whenever they use it or they out themselves permanently."

"At the moment this shocking proposal is at an early stage and we have seen that if a sufficiently loud fuss is made the government will listen. Write to your MP! Write newspaper articles! Post about this on social media! Don’t let the government remove people’s rights by stealth."

There is no alternative to YouTube for a lot of people - users and creators alike. Stop pretending otherwise.

It's always nice to see when you see other people independently talking about things you've been thinking about for a while:

Hi! The Fediblock Archive aims to build a comprehensive list of #FediBlock posts in order to provide it to – especially new – instance admins.
Help us grow the list by adding instances on where you can also view the whole list or subscribe to an RSS feed.
This project just started and we are currently working and testing things out. Please let us know how this works for you.

#introduction #introductions

Has anyone done an analysis of the media trope of linking asexuality to heightened intellectual capabilities?

For examples think of characters like Sherlock Holmes, or Light Yagami.

This simultaneously reinforces ideals of toxic masculinity, where sex is a mark of maturity, and allows less visceral forms of misogyny to go unchecked.

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