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Just to be clear, this means that if you’re federated with, you’re federated with gab

Casual reminder that if you’re federated with, you’re federated with Gab

Infinity Train will premiere Monday, August 5th, on Cartoon Network.

[exciting squealing intensifies]


my austrian psychiatrist smiled and laughed for the first time today with me lmao

she asked where i worked and i told her and she the idea just tickled her

Searching advices to take good selfies :blobcatcamera:

Boosts and answers appreciated!

Omg my dad just texted me to remind me of something extremely important:

Today is Wotan's birthday! 🎉
He is 3 years old today!
And I think at this point, Wotan has earned some birthday boosts :Wotan_shocked: :wotan:

The fedi is a living, breathing example of what happens when white folks lose the privilege of being protected by bigots who run major platforms.

life was Hard Enough before i found out i’m allergic to everything i’ve been eating my whole life

racism, nationalism 

upcoming ICE raid, how to help immigrants 

upcoming ICE raid, how to help immigrants 

Ey oop, it’s International #Nonbinary Day this Sunday, 14th July!

this toot is permission to nap 😴
you can print it out and give it to whoever, it is valid in all situations

And if you're wondering why I'm giving cybreDOTspace the side eye.

It's anyone on cybre's right to filter whatever they way, but when they're giving suggestions to bigots who have a history of harassing POCs and women, ha, that's a bit of a red flag.

And this isn't the first time we've seen bigots get space on cybre...

other coworkers have left, so i’ll be leaving around noon after i help in the lodge for a bit

half day is just fine by me

called our ISP at work and there is a general outage that will last until tomorrow

relayed the info to our boss so hopefully we can go home 🐷👌🏻

internet and phone lines are down at work so i may get to go home

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