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hey everyone, thank you so much for the help so far!! we are now $1265 away from goal

i know im asking a lot, i'm still searching for a job but at this point im pretty sure the problem is my gender

if we don't get this money by september, we will lose everything we couldn't take with us during our emergency move

i'm sorry to ask for so much but i don't have a choice

more info, donation links and commission info in top post

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me, literally daily, trying to open things made for disabled people: this is so hard to open????

i started weeds and this show is absurd lmao but i’m into it

i hate having my headset on bc not being a man online is horrible

but over watch newbies are killing me today

seeing ross (our recent rescued dog) being so comfy and happy makes me so happy for him

i started playing pokémon go again in hopes it would motivate me to take more walks

but i’m still too scared to walk alone and my dogs are too strong to walk both at the same time

i am really thankful for the folks i’ve met on here 😌

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“People seem to think of extinctions as some silent, painless statistic. It’s not. You look at birds that can no longer find fish because they’ve moved too far off shore. They’re emaciated, they’re starving to death. We are at the point that there’s nothing untouched."

Extinctions are not pretty, the libs better be ready when their time comes.

i can’t do a “pre pandemic” vs “post pandemic” toot bc… the pandemic isn’t over u fucks stop acting like it is

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Hey! Do you take estradiol pills and/or are interested in estradiol delivery mechanisms? If it were possible to make estradiol delivery more efficient (such that one person’s needs could be met with only a fraction of a prescription), would that interest you?

You might want to read this article, which explores one possible way of doing just that!

i’m just gonna hope next time bezos and crew go into space the rocket malfunctions and we don’t have to think about them anymore 😌

i wasn’t able to get any medication for myself til i went to college and then she was like “wow that really helps you” 🙃

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i am also starting to use “disabled” to describes myself more and it feels really nice

my mom (who absolutely is also disabled but would never admit it) holds a lot of ableist views and forced me to push thru everything without help so i just figured bc i did i was “fine”

you can tell none of the judges on america’s got talent spend time online bc there was a beatboxing recorder player and they were like “i’ve never seen this before”

i used to be louder and bolder but honestly abuse and trauma (both online and offline) made me quiet down to avoid people seeing me and targeting me

i’m trying to break that habit again and work on the fear

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moeypool for a black person :boost_requested: 

in short: they've suffered from a racist attack in a bus two years ago. the bus company denies it's racism and they've got charged with libel bc of talking about the racism online. they need money in case of having to go to court, for ending their financial troubles and paying for therapy. monepool text is only german though. please share.

i’m finishing up all these shows and running out of tv lmao

lmao all of my immediate neighbors know of and love penelope so that’s nice

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okay so warning for like religious stuff and family stuff regarding sexuality/gender BUT this is one of the best things ive ever read and i love layshia clarendon so much and the writer uses ALL THEIR PRONOUNS ITS BEAUTIFUL (and its so cool to find out that he was such a huge influence in the changes that the wnba made these past couple of years)

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