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i lied i’ll play more later bc i got a headache / dizzy from the FP view when i played this AM

tv break then more mining

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We are looking for software developers!

If you live in or would like to relocate to Germany, it might be for you.

We do mostly JS w/ types and Java but also a lot of other things.

There's a lot of freedom and we don't suck.

You can write GPL code for a living!

boosts welcome!

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fediblock: freespeech dot group. it's that same alt-right creep who runs freethinkers dot lgbt.

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bilingual pride facts 

because acronyms are basically impossible in Arabic I was curious what the accepted equivalent of LGBT was. I grew up a clueless straight boy so I didn't know offhand.

turns out it's مجتمع الميم mujtamaa al-meem, literally "meme community" or "meme society"

happy pride everyone

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hellsite, transphobia 

Twitter just verified the transphobic LGB Alliance account

Incentivize your friends to move

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Mini-timelapse. I created a rough 3D model as the basis for this one to simplify getting the perspective right. I think it worked well!

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the minecraft update dropped on ps4 so goodbye nondigital world i am off to explore

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yo! I'm giving away some stuff - please share this link with someone who could use it (i.e.: if it's cost prohibitive for them to have said items)

*feel free to boost*

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begpost/fundraising/pet care, please boost 

Kiki needs some dental work that is a bit financially out of reach for me right now.

If you may, please consider donating/signal-boosting.

Anything raised would be infinitely appreciated. 🖤

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asking for project help 

does anyone i know have any experience with addon making?

i'd like to make an addon that for the most part disables a site-side css file and replaces it with a user-side one

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hey fedi

do I know anyone in upstate new york who’d be able to help a queer teen get to her doctor’s appointments? previous travel arrangements have fallen through.

I don’t know what hashtag to use for this

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I love this non binary flag SO MUCH I just want t-shirts and jackets and scarves with it printed and patches and fuck my big gay :heart_teal: heart explodes for it!! credit

hunting, animal death 

i’m watching Alone (survivalist competition show) and this dude had One arrow, shot a musk-ox and then had the ideal to stab it to death bc no more arrows

and he did

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My friend @Moss started a gofundme to help support me and my family for #prideMonth

My partner is out of a job, so we're out of an income.

For someone like me, I hate autism "awareness" month and "pride" month about as much as I hate "thanksgiving", where white people celebrate the continuing genocide of #Indigenous people like me

So if you can help, that'd be amazing. We're just running it for June for now. Any "extra" money will go to our medical bills/needs and #trans necessities, particularly as @transmundane needs clothing!
#transCrowdfund #disabilityCrowdfund

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love be consistently in pain with no way to solve the issue 😌 ideal human condition

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There needs to be some kind of fedi introductory guide which explains that eugen is paid by the cops & kolektiva has a lot of the worst kind of white u.s. anarchists & similar things people joining because of issues with other platforms have no idea about this & it *really* affects the user experience since defederation is a thing.

Basically like a political beginners' guide & not just a technical one.

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You can't kill mint. It will always come back, no matter how many times you cut it down.

This is something of a pride design for June - no flags, nothing fancy, just something simple that kind of sums up my feelings about queerness.

You can nab this sticker and support a queer creator by joining my patreon!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #ArtWithOpenSource #Inkscape

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financial need, boosts appreciated 

My family just found out that the land we'd gotten permission to live on is $6k deep in missed payments.

If anyone has a bit to spare, we're still waiting on our first round of pandemic aid, and until we get my social security name change stuffs fixed we can't even do a proper gofundme or whatever.

My partner, @sesshirecat, has a Paypal that hasn't been shut down, if you have anything you can contribute.

We have until Monday or Tuesday (6th or 7th of June) to find enough to pay this, otherwise the former owners will sue and we'll be up shytte's creek again.

I've been busting my ass to make the land liveable for us and our three-month-old, but apparently I've not been fast enough at that.

Literally anything helps right now. I'm attempting to cash out my old 403b, there's some bonds that a friend might sell to help, and we have a little bit (a hundred or two) saved from TANF to add to the stack...going to ask our caseworker if they know of any options to suggestions on ways to negotiate with the seller or...anything... I said, anything helps.

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