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ok i’ll give it to u


technology is neat

it’s been snowing all day and i hate it 😡

I got my Apple Pencil and I didn't know you could just write and it fills W/ typed text in apps and stuff

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Don't feel guilty if you have a low tolerance for unstable open source software.

pedophile mention 

sometimes i sit and wonder how many of the first colonizers in america were pedophiles

i was going to create like slides with boundaries and expectations for my instagram space but i really hate using that place for So Much text

so i’m just gonna make it a blog post and that’ll be easier to amend and use elsewhere anyway

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short stories by trans authors wanted; trans artists too; *paid* 

"Short stories, 5,000 words or less (this is not a challenge, it really can be less. Longer isn’t always better). You, the author, must identify as trans."

"There’s no thematic requirement. The work need not contain queer and trans characters or content (though by all means, it can)."

"We are paying $150 for each published short story."

"All pieces will have an accompanying illustration; I am planning to use all trans illustrators. If you are a trans illustrator and would like to be considered for this project (and potentially for future projects), email me a link to your portfolio website and a quick, two-sentence artist statement."

"We can pay you $100 for one published feature image."

"Submissions close April 30!"

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Well, in the interim if anyone is interested in helping me afford getting my name changed after I'm vaccinated! #mutualaid #transaid

I have the money to get my certified birth certificate, but the actual court and filing costs are about $300...

venmo: @xenocat

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Today is the trans day of visibility so i'm making a little post

Hello!! My name is Sage, I'm a 25 year old transmasc artist!! I mostly do furry art and art of animals in general

Right now, art and tips are my only form of income, i can't get a physical job due to COVID and my cystic fibrosis

You can help me out by supporting me via:

-Commissions (info in pin)

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anyway this is the wonky shit I'm bashing out from the sofa

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2021, can we kindly stop with the body shaming of trans people and governing of our bodies? That woud be really swift. 6/6

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Tenant organizing in DC apt buidling, help requested, please boost 

Cops were called by the management company to prevent protesting tenants and others from entering the building this morning. Still getting more info on it all, but there's a request to contact the management company and pressure them.

👉🏻 If you can spare a few minutes to call or email the company that'd really help!

Phone: 301-941-8040
Website of management company's apt building:

👉🏻 Some suggested talking points:
- the tenants of 1111 Massachusetts Ave have every right to demonstrate in front of the building
- these folks have lost income due to the pandemic, and are interested in meeting with management about overdue rent, and what the next several months look like
- It's important that this line of communication be open, otherwise tenants are at risk of losing housing once the DC eviction moratorium is lifted. We have to work out a plan that works for everyone.

Please boost! Thank you! 🖤

👉🏻 Here's a livestream of it on instagram if you have an account:

i’ve said it before but

i need a bully beat down version of catfish

if i had the money i’d get into paint sculpting / 3d paintings


i need to get better at keeping (more) sweets in this house bc i just eat them and then they’re gone and i am a sad piglet

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Trans Snack and Emergency Aid 

They're doing a snacks for trans folks fund & also taking trans applicants in need of emergency funds 👀

They seemed pretty intent on trans folks not donating & also that it was good for folks to apply for a snack even if you can afford your own

max was my fav cohost on catfish but honestly i’m so thankful they picked a woman this round. kamie is perf 👌🏻

well i don’t understand why it’s doing that and it’s annoying enough to just use toot lmao

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