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My SummerSchool Talk 

My talk is in 4 hours (5:00 PM UTC)
I will be presenting my thesis which incorporates colonial histories, contemporary art practices by Black women, and a lot of theory/philosophy. All within Latin Am/Caribbean context.

Any questions pls let me, @Cyborgneticz know!


I am fully excited now for the talk!!!

#summerschool talk on Latin American colonial history, art, philosophy and Black womens artistic production WHAT??


Friendly reminder that anti-SJWs, anti-antifas, and people brave enough to just admit they are Nazis should be made to feel unsafe and unwelcome in every single community on the planet until they are isolated away from civilized society or they choose to join civilized society.

I hate to keep posting this but food help this week would be super cool. 😎😎😎

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just so everyone is aware, husky, the pleroma/mastodon app for android, was originally forked from tusky to make it possible to browse gab again, something tusky had made impossible. whatever nice features it has added since then, i would ask you to consider if using the nazi app made for browsing the nazi website by nazis is something you want to do

anyway how are y'all doing?

surviving the heat and all the other bullshit going on?

need anything?

trying not to over plan my vacation week but i’m gonna clean So Much and hopefully finally get to do some art? or writing? or something like that but i’ll probably just play the sims lmao is on my watchlist for suspension, depending on whether they engage in any moderation of their users. They don't appear to have a moderation policy, and don't appear to respond to reports, so imo they're ripe for defederation. Going to hinge on the admin's willingness to demonstrate any interest in moderating.

PeerTube Moderation 

`open . tube` is not moderated.

It's not dedicated to right-wing content but it is heavily used by:

- White supremacists
- Conspirationists
- Religious fanatics
- Libertarians
- Antisemites

**No Paper Trail: Migrant Children Secretly Held in Hampton Inn Hotels Before Expulsion from U.S.**

"Under a shocking new Trump administration policy, hundreds of people who came to the United States seeking asylum were secretly held in hotels for days on end before being expelled from the country, often with little or no paper trail. This includes more than 200 unaccompanied immigrant c…"

#news #bot

Black trans woman death 

Queasha D Hardy

A Black trans woman was murdered in Baton Rouge, and is being dead named by journalists

Feel free to email The Advocate at

You deadnamed Queasha D Hardy as the victim in a shooting on
N Harco Drive. Deadnaming is harmful and poor journalistic practice especially if the defense for using a deadname is, “that’s what was on the police report.”

hey everyone a very dear friend of mine could really use some help right now.

she's recently moved to get away from her abusive/transphobic family, but she's having car trouble and could use some help with rent.

if you could donate or at least share it that would mean so much to me!

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been so inactive but some of my closest friends are in dire need of financial help and have not been getting donations/boosts, I’ve posted about them in the past & here are graphics from their Instagram.

If you wanna help out some indigenous & brown trans and queer folks right now please check out these images for context & donate to their cash apps/Venmo or dm them on Instagram directly!

Cash app & Venmo: thisisgoodfruit

Cash app: $miomio6
Venmo: str8topp

tbh rideshare psa: if you're gonna make your driver wait at a stop or hang out while you load stuff into/out of the car, you should leave a tip

it's set up so you think like "oh, as long as the timer's going, they're getting paid" but actually:

fare in my area on my service is roughly $0.60/mile and $0.10/min

if i'm driving 60mph i'm making $42/hour (actually more like 20/hour in practice)

if i'm parked waiting, i'm making $6/hour

@error_1202 @Cyborgneticz i'd love to normalize this as part of graphic design! it doesn't hurt anyone to make graphics more legible to as many folks as possible :)

(i use to check for visual contrast, it's real easy to just punch in some colors and drag the sliders around until it passes the check!)

Asking for $ help, financial aid, dog needs help 

My dog has a fever, and it's been a couple days

She's not eating dogfood at all, but I was able to get her to eat chicken and rice

I can't get her to drink on her own
Very worried

I need to take her to the vet ASAP
Any amount of money will help

My PayPal is

Boosts welcome and appreciated

Like I was saying to someone else others have talked about this much earlier then me. See attached article and the things it references:

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