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context to ppl who don’t know what i do lmao 

i should add context for folks who are worried. i work with public schools to teach health education to 5th-12th graders. i teach a curriculum that’s previewed & ok’d parents & school admin. we cover consent, human trafficking, anatomy, gender & sexuality, STIs, relationships, birth control, communication, & more. def an anarchist abolitionist, def not a sexual predator. i do report csa to cps fairly often tho, as i’m a mandated reporter.

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game companies owe me personally 5% of profits for every game that features a woman prominently on advertising or cover art but no playable female characters

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me, hearing about a new video game for the first time: can i be a girl?

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A reminder about fat people:

*Fat people are loveable
*Fat people are desirable
*Fat people are sexual (if they want to be)
*Fat people are allowed to eat whatever the hell they want
*Fat people are allowed to show their tummy and thighs and however much skin they want
*Fat people dont have to show any skin they dont want either!

And above all:
*Fat people don't owe you a fucking thing. Not an explanation, not a reason, not a performance to fit ourselves into some model fat that you can with Good or Bad
*I love fat people

the end, good day

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hot take? 

You are not defined by your worst moment. If a person loses their temper and does something bad that isn’t their true self coming to the surface. That’s not what a human is. A human is a system that responds to inputs. Load enough trash into the intake and the motor will kick. The idea that a person is just a bunch of layers of obfuscation on top of a core of darkness is Freudian pseudoscience.

medical debt and a gofundme for a broke queer indigenous writer 

a few people have expressed their desire to help me out with a ridiculous medical bill, asking if i would set up a gofundme so i did

please, if you are in a tight spot yourself, take care of you first. this is like, the most absurd time possible for debt collectors to come knocking for me but i suppose thats why they did it. i've made my first payment today and another isn't due until july 18th.

if you can and want to help, thank you! let me know if there's anything i can do in return for you. if you can't, that's totally cool. this is not an emergency need, i'm just broke and its gonna suck paying this off lol (boosts are ok)

when i say doxxed i mean she read their full names and home addresses out loud on a facebook livestream

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the mayor of my city doxxed like 10 people who mailed in advocating defunding the police

Y'know what sucks?

The BLM protests are still happening with less media attention.

The Portland police are rioting and it's not being reported by media at large as people are being assaulted in the streets.

Another Black trans girl, Brayla Stone, was murdered in Little Rock, AR and she's being misgendered in the news while her alleged killer is bragging about making a 5K hit.

Protect @gingerrroot at all costs, fae faves and boosts all my best toots, has good takes, and also is precious baby.

Can fedi give me artists to peruse, preferably boost if they have alt text?

I'm not really into furry art, but I'm not hostile to it.

I just want to see cute stuff, video game fan-art, etc?


Nurses in Philly are saying fuck it we're reopening Hahnemann Hospital for patients whether we have your permission or not! This hospital was bought by investor Joel Freedman and shut down to be turned into condos. When the city wanted to re-open it for the pandemic he tried to charge $1m in rent so the city just gave up. It's been a huge point of contention in Philly for a while.


This 20min Q&A with some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, will give you brief introduction into some of the myths and stereotypes they face on a daily basis.

"When was the last time you experienced racism? Every day, I'm always the last person anyone will sit next to on the bus."

"Is it ever ok to ask someone how Aboriginal they are? No"

#IndigenousAustralians #Aboriginal #Australia

SO Alfie really likes that bell piece (see last post) and commissioned me to draw Korinna's characters Croblin and Croco (which is basically them) standing in front of a cursed bell. So I had to draw another extremely ornate bell. But im GLAD/happy with how it came out, especially considering I didn't rely on my usual gimmick of 'Distract With An Overwhelming Colour Palette.'
Korinna's comic:
#mastoart #commission #art #illustration #commissionme

the most insidious part of cancel culture isn't that it comes for innocent people, or even that it unfairly punishes people for minor mistakes. the most gruesome part is that its hit a crescendo in the mainstream that any sort of attempt to have serious discussions surrounding accountability or policing one's own community and expelling bad actors gets hit with the label of Cancel Culture and entirely delegitimizes all of the work people are doing, and in some ways vindicates the person in question. no matter what they've done, it can be absolved by "Cancel Culture Hate Mob"

fediblock, boost ok 

So, we have blocked and for being the worse in every possible way.

That stypey guy for antiblackness and probably the whole in a moment because their admin is picky in their follower but somehow follows people and yet go on reccord to say

"We at the Open Source Society were heavily involved in that process to get the software exclusion which we see as absolutely crucial."


slurs, so many slurs #fediblock, no caption because slurs 

here's some more shitheads and shitty instances to block #fediblock

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