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something ive found really helpful and inspiring is how many mutual aid programs popped up or rose to the occasion during this time

organizers are amazing and powerful people

every time i watch american based reality tv i just get really passionate about unions

stop using sleep deprivation to make the shows more “interesting” or to get “drama” from your competitors

give them clean and safe living conditions

unionize, reality tv guests

fediblock: racism, misoginy, etc 

Here is a list of domain you may want to block for email registration.

I personally suspended those domain preventively too


request for angry things to yell at people in French 

taking suggestions on what to scream out my window the next time my French neighbors wake me up at 3AM by running around outside my house and yelling

last time it sounded like a domestic shouting match, this time they were running past my door with the dude shouting so loud it woke me into a panic attack

suggestions in French only, please

Trans Woman Asking for help...please? 

#transcrowdfund #povertycrowdfund I know I only have two followers here on chitter but I am badly in need of funds. Twitter today suspended me for 12 hours for a tweet back in April that simply no longer exists. Even their own search shows it doesn't exist.

and I'm almost broke with my stepdad going into quarantine due to covid19. if you can help in ANYWAY please?

i’m looking for a room somewhere on the west coast, preferably north CA or OR, somewhere with good public transport/bikeability

about me:
💎 great credit / financial stability
🏆 strong recommendations from past property managers
🐶 two of the sweetest dogs on the planet
📚 quiet, nerdy, but also friendly and sociable

hoping to keep rent/util under $800/mo but flexible. places with fenced yards or near dog parks a huge plus!

:boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

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Crowdfunding for PhD admin fees 

So I created a go fund me to help raise some cash since I'm on the road to the PhD (I'm living off savings, check to check atm and I can't get a job in Barca bc no visa)

Pls boost and share and I thank you for your support here in the fediverse! From being Patrons & also pre-ordering books (Out soon!!) and general wonderfulness, thank you!!

If you were wanting a physical copy of my thesis on the unseen in landscapes, Hispano-Luso colonialism and Black womens performance

Have I got a doozy for you!

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need like 50 bucks so i can get my hrt meds from the pharmacy.

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and if you want me to, i can get into the complexity of latin american/hispano caribbean in the usa dealing with anglo based racism
settler colonialism
and how being latin am or hispano caribbean doesnt automatically mean you are raced in a particular way where you are affected by the aforementioned things. i can do that for you.

you gon' have to subscribe to my website though :blobcatgooglyshrug:

i'm poor and a full time student

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I've been working on my "I can probably achieve the same functionality I like [Pixelfed] for with a photo-focused Wordpress theme and the Activitypub plugin on there" theory instead of my job (lol oops), and while I want to customize some elements still, I'd say I succeeded.

All I did was change my domain's DNS so the federation isn't right yet, but here:

At least WP has an app :blobcoffee:

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queer nomenclature clashing with race, culture, and other things 

this reminds me of the tumblr discourse in the asexual community over using 'allosexual' and why its problematic because it has a different meaning in french? i guess.

or why bisexuals cant use 'bi' because it could also mean "black indigienous" (ala BIPOC)

like, lets not even get into the latina/ latino/ latin@/ latinx, chicanx, xicanx discourse lmao

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i need white folks to stop using their 4 off white friends of color as a shield for shit that has...well..nothing to do with us racially in conversations in a certain way.

that may not make sense, but someone out there might pick up what im putting down LOL

all this to say. NB for me could read as Non Black or Non Binary but you know we have context clues in a sentence that will allow us to understand.

NB-POC is how it's actually often used.

context, my g

@ArtistMarciaX @paralithode @sunflowers Agreed. I had my eyes on pixelfed for awhile until I found out the dev is very chummy with historic bad actors who share the same shitty views on privacy.

He would say all the right things publicly but it was revealed shared a lot of the same views with some of the fedi’s most consistent bigots.

while i'm on the topic of returning to school and career niches:

anyone know a good title/keyword for the kind of shit i wanna do?
- gather resources
- maybe run workshops
- advise individuals or small groups on extant resources or help in creating new ones
- be radical, queer, anarchist, and on the land
- maybe involve sex ed or body acceptance?
- talk about plants without being a colonizer herbalist
- community organization and outreach

I don't necessarily think I need a degree for this. But if anyone knows of a good pathway to community activism, organizing, and power building hit me up. I know like, aspects of what I want to do, but there's not much of a clear path for me rn. I dropped out of college but have an associate's. Autism and mental illness make me hesitant to return, but I love going to conferences and workshops and always learning more.

@sunflowers yeah, the state of privacy, security, anti-abuse features on pixelfed are all pretty atrocious from what I understand–& if I remember the dev was real shitty to anyone who pointed it out, so it just got swept under the carpet by the constant churn of social media memory. Thumbs down to pixelfed.

@gingerrroot librarians are some of the most radical folks i've met, they just keep quiet about it so they can get federal funding.
i thought about going back for library science, but it's extremely coptitive.
ethnography and archival work might also be of interest. getting the resources to the people is the hard part. i also enjoy that. community organizing and public health communications might also interest you.

i'm in a similar boat tbh. i would be willing to go back if i knew of a field i could tolerate and had a specific career in mind. but i am just an anxious lil waffler.

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