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white people on the fediverse straight up saying “well why dont the poc go to their own spaces?” instead of acfually addressing the systemic problem holy fuck sunbeam city get your shit together.

:levburdislike: Sending every non-white to PV or MyAss under the guise of ""protecting"" them

:levburlike: Making your local spaces unwelcoming to white supremacy and untangling your personal narrative from your whiteness to make and keep more places safe for PoC

deplatforming Nazis works. like there's actual scientific shit to back this up. ban them. make it public knowledge that they are a nazi or a nazi sympathizer. encourage others to ban their presence. don't let them have a voice. it works because most of these people are cowards and the minute you slap them with hard consequences, they run back under their rock where they belong.

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The seventh annual international Gender Census 2020 is now open until 12th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

if you aren't actively moderating against even passive racist structures on here, then you are creating an unsafe environment for non-whites

The Biodiversity Heritage Library Makes 150,000 High-Res Illustrations of the Natural World Free to Download

I need to go get stuff from the store today like cat litter and whatnot, any bit helps ❤️

Or of anyone has that £535,000 so I can buy that hotel in the Scottish Highlands, please send.

I've only posted about this followers-only so far, but I'm probably going to lose my job (and so need to move, because my job is as the on-sitemanager for an apartment building)

I'd like to transition to doing remote writing (I have professional experience), but also, focus more on providing decolonal actions and education.

I need y'all's help for that. If you can, consider donating via

The closer y'all get me to covering expenses, the more decolonial writing I can do!

city has denied request after request to add new facility to the homeless shelter which would be able to have more beds and allow for more sanitary conditions, more staff and social workers.

city is pushing through far more expensive proposal to build a new wing onto the county jail to add 250 beds and hire more staff.

🚨 aid request from a disabled QTPOC 🚨 So after months of issues to schedule this, I got my colonoscopy & endoscopy sorted. HOWEVER, there are new costs I didn’t anticipate before. $70 consult copay, $40 in prep meds, & $60 in transport to/from procedure bcuz it’s almost an hour from me & my partner doesn’t drive. If anyone could help, I’d super appreciate. This is urgent, it’s next week

Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

Doctors declare for Medicare for all 

Yeah people, my friend is doing a thesis on learning environment for dyslectic students in higher education. She is looking for people with Dyslexia and prepared a questionnaire. Would you give her 5 minutes (or share the form)?
Thanks :)

Anarchist trans health care, hrt, contact info at bottom, I'm not affiliated but looks cool 

random: our partner has started making collages as an artistic outlet and has put a bunch of them up on a society6 page!

there are a bunch of pride flags and various art pieces - and are a couple of the new designs, and we have and are the notebooks we got from them

- 💚 🐍


remembering that i am kind of salty that the faceblind studies i was recruited for were all cog/neurosci based and they dumped me (politely) once i developed enough coping mechanisms to no longer test as faceblind on paper, but never once have i found any work focused on facebling coping mechanisms, which could legit be helpful for developing actual therapies for faceblind folks

if you know anyone in this field, tell them to call me up pls

has anyone experimented with setting up a mesh network? especially anyone in the seattle area

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