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okay, i condensed everything the scrapers at UMilan violated and some grievance policy documentation. have fun and don't trash my doc!

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Also just to be clear: Anna is an unfortunate scenario, but not an isolated outlier. White people, please don't use this as an excuse to pay yourselves on the back and feel good about demonizing "the racist one." This kind of situation is what inevitably arises when one refuses to counter one's own reactionary tendencies, self-crit, and actively work toward undoing those tendencies and the effects they've had.

"In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist—we must be anti-racist."

Hey, techbros! Repeat after me...


For those of you who run mastodon 3.0+ and wanna make it way more difficult for scrapers, enable auth fetches and disable anonymous access to the public tl

.env.production: AUTHORIZED_FETCH=true
/admin/settings: [uncheck] Allow unauthenticated access to public timeline

If anyone can show solidarity to a queer Jew with more bills than money, this is my help me afford winter power bills request. Kick in via PayPal to

Last boost of this. About $80 short of covering bills this month and also I like food.

Thanks to all who have thrown me an assist.

looking for a new witch-themed instance, boosts welcome 


tech, accessbility 

How you define your presentation and how that relates to your gender is entirely up to you.

Others may want to force definitions on you that they are most comfortable with, but their opinions mean shit.

It's your understanding of yourself that matters.

#nonbinarypositivity #genderpresentation #nonbinary #lgbtq

"Why, here in America, the seeds of racism are so deeply rooted in white people collectively, their belief that they are `superior` in some way is so deeply rooted, that these things are in the national white subconscious. Many whites are even actually unaware of their own racism, until they face some test, and then their racism emerges in one form or another." - Malcolm X

Still. Fuckin. True.

In #Tacoma, autonomous anti-capitalists organized free lunches for low income school children when heavy snow fall shut their schools down and thus cutting off access to meals.

What's been happening over the last couple of days isn't drama.

It's just a white woman that's popular in some circles lashing out because her behavior has been identified as harmful and is dealing with those consequences.

She could easily just stop and move on, but she *needs* to demonize everyone that doesn't pander to her.

Ha and that's just whiteness. It's just an entitled temper tantrum.

And folks are just getting tired of that shit.

for new followers #reintroductions!
Hej hej, I'm a fine artist (film/performance), themes are: de-colonialism, antiracism, Caribbean diaspora, AfroIndigenous spirituality & history/culture.

I'm in my first year as a PhD candidate in philosophy/art. Also OG mod here at PlayVicious #auntie

I write alot abt art, anti-racism theory & intersectionality. I also care abt the fediverse a lot.

You can support me thru:

sexual consent 

Anna's entire strategy is attacking the cis part of my identity in at attempt to make herself look like an authority on marginalized people's issues. Because that's what white women do. There's no evidence of anything of the thing she says, so if she frames me as the ANGRY BLACK CIS GUY it will get traction b/c a lot of folks on the fedi just don't like Black folks.

But the history of PV speaks for itself. People know what we are about.

Anna is pissed b/c she feels like she deserves that rep

Seriously, though -- hashtag your stuff a lot. It's not like Twitter where they're barely functional -- since Mastodon doesn't do arbitrary string search, it functions much more like Tumblr/Pixiv/NND tags where they give you *exactly* everything tagged with it, which makes it SUPER easy to look for art and other creative stuff tagged with it once the federated network is big enough

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