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privacy, police in the USA, gizmodo link 

anyway halloween is a great time to be gay and do crimes

immigration, the border seesaw, caps 

2013: Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion, which is to say, $1100 million.

2019: Automattic buys Tumblr for less than $3 million.

Here's the GoFundMe we set up to help us try and do /something/, whether that's fix this RV or afford a hotel room so the dogs don't die tomorrow when it hits 100 degrees again :(((

The second season of one of my favourite recent games, EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER, is crowdfunding now:


Here is this - i compiled this from a list that various #FediAdmins had been sharing.

It is as complete a list as I can compile of the confirmed, affiliated, and possible #Gab instances, includes notes, and everything you can do in Google Sheets, but it is not that. It is CryptPad Sheets.

You will need to login to Cryptpad to view, and later I can send edit links to trusted allies. I included a screen cap for those not wanting to login, even to a system as secure as Cryptpad.

Also: this is very much a first draft, and is very directly focused on Gab, and Gab organized instances. A start. See what you think. Open to improvements.

Another more secure link to allow for group edits to come.

#Blocklist #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

Pay attention to this. All of these next gen consoles claiming they can run 8k are in for a rude awakening. Modern "high end" consoles can't even run Minecraft on 4k.

**New US rule would target legal immigrants who use public benefits**

"White House says migrants will be blocked from entering the US if they are likely to need public assistance."

#news #bot

Hello websites, instead of tricking us into accepting cookies, please do more of this.

Plain-text versions are very good and very important and greatly appreciated.

Hi - self-promotion coming up!

If you need an English to Danish translator, I'm at your service!

I'm a self-employed translator and writer with a degree in business communications.

It could be a small job like translating buttons for a website or a bigger job like a report translation.

Feel free to message me or flag me an email on

Boost are celebrated with quirky dance moves.

please make more foods free from the top ten allergens thank u

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