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instance worth investigation by those qualified, boosts welcome 

instance block psa: new gab instance 

nazis and other shitheads, and the shitheads who defend them 

List of gab instances 

PSA: You should get all your music on Bandcamp if possible. High-quality, DRM-free downloads, where a purchase is actually a purchase, and in unless something is truly off (actual scam), your money is going to reach the artist more or less directly.

Hey Fedi.

I need to call out someone for their arm length history of shitty and toxic behaviour.

The thread will be under CW, but it may generate some discourse outside my control.

So, if you're fragile, tired, if this kind of topics is draining for you, you may want to add a filter for the terms "DashEquals", to avoid being exposed to this.



I need help with mastodon (boosts encouraged)) 

@somarasu lots of racist and sexist garbage on there unfortunately.

been seeing it pop up more and more, and hearing it from others more and more, as these instance blocking discussions continue to go on so i’m finally gonna suspend this weekend

California pioneering the way yet again, boutta become the first state in the US to outlaw discriminating against natural hair and the protective styles associated with it.

"Workplace dress code and grooming policies that prohibit natural hair, including afros, braids, twists, and locks, have a disparate impact on Black individuals as these policies are more likely to deter Black applicants and burden or punish Black employees than any other group."

eat it and GAG

Question for experienced mastodon admins:

Do you have a way of exporting a list of all the instances your instance has federated with, for analysis? Just a huge plain-text file of domain names?

Asking for Money :boost_ok:​ 

money, request for help getting a mobility aid, boosts very welcome 

The reason the fedi is so toxic in a lot of places isn't magic.

Yes, there are always going to be hateful people on the web. That's just a part of being in this space.

But it's prevalence and visibility is directly connected to how many alleged PROGRESSIVES give space for these ideas to spread.

That's the main problem. That's the core of the issue.

A lot of people on the fedi are just full of shit. And it comes out when you actually challenge their commitment to safety and diversity

It’s @jalcine B-Day y’all!! Wish him a happy one & thank him for all the hard work he puts in 🎂 🎉!

To a lot of people who profess the desire to make healthy environments, we’re seeing how the entry of gab into the fedi has rendered most of those expressions as cosmetic.

That list is long. The devs for Masto, Pixelfed, write as, Plemora, peertube all have this in common.

They are all run by white folks who pay lip service to the idea of safety, but when it clashes with their personal biases around the nature of implementing that, they all have failed when tested. All of them.

I made a commission form! It works for general stuff like icons or characters, but you can still email ( or message me if you want something different!
#mastoart #art #artistsonmastodon

fun fact about browser location reporting 

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