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I'm just gonna preemptively say i need donations

My fucking radiator or one of the main coolant pipes burst.

I have to get this fixed asap. I have to go to work tomorrow.


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Hey all,

A close friend of mine is dealing with asshole landlords kicking her and her family literally onto the street in the middle of a Florida summer, and could use any and all financial help. If you can spare a bit or share, it would mean a lot.



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the abuse is explicit, listener take caution

i need help moving out ASAP

if you live anywhere in michigan or the midwest and have a spare room and can allow 3 rabbits (in the room with me) i need the help

i need to get away from them

//they need me to get away from them//

if you would like to help me save to move into a weekly motel/housing, you can find those links here:




#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund


although not nearly as drastic as 200 to 500-600 cases it also reflects locally in our county from 2-4 to 8-10 cases

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w h e w PAs positive covid results doubled from the beginning of the week

the soundtrack of my brain has been exclusively songs from inside since it came out

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Working on potential pin designs!
I don’t know if I’ll ever get the courage to have them made and sell them though.

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Anyone live in Washington and need a roommate? Can pay my fair share of everything of course.

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my recommendations to get on itch.uo creator day are meatpunks and an airport for aliens currently run by dogs.



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It's Creator Day on itch! Today creators take 100% of their sales - now's a great time to support indie devs and maybe date some broken humans in our cyberpunk post-Soviet dating sim? Eyes

anyway i’ve just been thinking about these things since i became unemployed bc i don’t have a desk or comfy space to use my laptop and with my pain it just isn’t easy to do it anyway

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but ginger root garden would be an online community for education and support/growth and i’d sell cute things like pig stickers and t shirts and make slideshow and video content

what the tech would be a podcast about tech and gaming for and by folks who don’t know much

and no good gaming would be a stream with multiple heads who vary at gaming level

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i don’t know much about anything and i don’t really have a space set up to do these things

it just gets frustrating

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i am thinking of incorporating “ginger root garden” as my main hub for all my ideas and to sell cute things i make

and then having “no good gaming” (streaming) and “what the tech” (podcast?) under it

but i’d really like to do this with someone is what i keep thinking

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autistic friends: what's the worse bit of showering?

[please comment if other]
[boosts ok!]

@dirt i do indeed know. well i’m glad you get a new place and (hopefully) a better landlord

if you use big words or acronyms all the time without defining them

idk what you’re saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

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