still mad that my iphone won't sync/stay connect enough to upload my photos to my laptop

mad i have to use google photos to save my photos

i hate technology it was a bad idea

I declare myself patron saint of anyone who has been traumatized by ambition and who are forever anxious about whether they are doing enough. I love you and give you permission to be exactly who are you are right now and not to do anything more to be worthy as a person.

I'm on the Lawfare Podcast today talking about the bot panic on mainstream social media and also the benefits (and drawbacks) of decentralized social media:

This was a really funny/fun conversation with the hosts, it should be a pretty entertaining listen.


it's grocery time again


it's end of month time again

💰 is every day for the foreseeable future unless one of you loaded leftists decides to gimme a proper amount of cash

i know you are out there


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also, monetary donations can be sent to feeding vulnerable folks on chicago's west side at

cashapp: $WestSideMeals2020

venmo: @JohnWaltFoundation

hey if you're not black and can't get out to protest but wanna help, here's a black covid relief fund that goes directly to black folks who've been affected by covid since they're the ones being disproportionately affected; they can now accept donations via paypay, anything helps!

illinois is having a critically low blood shortage and needs donors--esp african-american donors who're essential to sickle-cell patients; if ur in illinois and feel safe going out/aren't vulnerable strongly consider going to give blood this summer!

link: article about the blood shortage in illinois

i may have changed my mind about podcasts after listening to the mini pig podcast lmao

maybe i just have to find informational podcasts and not like storytelling or whatever

nonbinary identities in French? please boost 

How do you and your Francophone loved ones manage grammatical gender in French? I have a nonbinary friend who's a native English speaker and is learning French. They're trying to figure it out for themself. They're aware of «iel», and I'm planning to tell them about e.g. «amusant·e·s».

Please boost.

I'm much more interested in direct experiences from nonbinary Francophones and their loved ones than theory. Thank you <3

i haven't been getting notifs for DMs as often as I should???

so if you see me responding or faving late, that's why lmao

on the bright side, my new glasses should be here by tomorrow potentially

my allergies are killing me again today

im tired of this

someone fire me already

A call for personal stories of COVID unemployment 

Have you been financially affected by COVID-19? Are you still fighting to collect unemployment? Have you struggled to pay for your basic needs or care for your family?

Please consider sharing your story. The Town Hall Project is collecting personal stories of everyday folks to send to Senators and Congresspeople. They are pressuring these representatives to continue approving public funding during this crisis, as well as calling out those who vote against aid that helps the working class.

You can add to this project by filling out the google form here:

another day of not having work to do but having to be at work

art/open commission request 

Is anyone or can anyone recommend an artist who would be down to draw an anthropomorphic corgi, preferably also into drawing computers/tech? Looking to get a pic of a new character streaming video games.

The James Talib-Dean Encampment in Philadelphia (formerly lakoy nou, formerly camp maroon), a protest lead and organized by unhoused people demanding permanent housing,

is raising money for *toilets and sanitation* to prevent a Hep A outbreak. They've been using port-a-potties but it's becoming insufficient and the city refuses to assist.

Send donations to $Wrevolutionary please!! I have personal ties to an encampment organizer who has passed this along and this is Legit

fundraiser, violent racist assault 

:boost_ok: Isiah Wagoner was helping with a children's racial justice march in Eugene, Oregon this Sunday when a driver deliberately drove straight into him. Wagoner has been hospitalized with severe injuries, and is asking for help with his medical and legal fees:

psst, cis people can choose their name too. you don't have to keep LARPing as what your parents branded you as

URGENT - DUE JULY 1 - fundraiser for RI black person's housing and covid19 medical costs 


Phil, a black RI chef needs $10,000 for housing and covid medical costs by JULY 1 (today!)

His GoFundMe is currently at $3706/$10,000. Minimum donation $5:

If you can't afford to make a $5 donation, you can make a minimum $1 donation on Venmo or PayPal:


If you can’t afford to donate, boosting is still great!

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