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STARFIGHTER CLUB is a blog about computers and culture.


STAR is a companion to STARFIGHTER — in that STAR is yours truly talking to their friends about making and doing things.


There are subscribe links for the pod and blog on each’s page but @blog will also let you follow on fedi

If y'all are suffering from key repeats and you can't afford to send your #MacBook in for #keyboard repair right now, I've been having good luck with this: unshaky.nestederror.com/

(P.S. don't @ me about how you feel about Apple.)

housing and patreon update, request for income help 

Think about it like this. If a handful of top movies donated a couple of percentage points of their profits, we could end hunger right now. Today.

We do not have a resource problem in the States. Greed is what is keeping the US in crisis.



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Heya, low on funds and still gunna be awhile before I get my first paycheck. Anything helps, mostly to keep my belly and gas tank topped off.


Askpost? Not a begpost I guess 

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hey, this is an alt for @natrix because I want somewhere to talk about videogames and other fandom/fiction related stuff

I'm 40, queer & genderqueer, she/her or they/them, white, disabled, mentally ill and nd, have a kid and a bunch of animals, occasionally I try to draw stuff and make tiny games

Reminder: trans men are men. Not men lite, or diet men.

Don't infantalize them.

We need more POC leading tech conversations because there seems to be a real resistance to nuance in projects led by white folks.

The entire non-sense around 'free speech' is a great example.

As intelligent people who should be able to differentiate between hate speech that enables harm versus a person just sharing an opinion.

This conversation constantly gets muddled in ridiculous ways b/c white folks tend to white knuckle grip a generic ineffective one size fits all view point.

"Non-binary person who is subject to the male gaze" is a damn good string of words that we should all get more used to using when talking about non-binary folk under patriarchy.

Hello, friends. As you may be aware, I have recently had a contract come to a (fairly sudden) end, and so am available NOW for commissions, contracts, or good old-fashioned employment. If you, or anyone you know, need someone with broad experience in a development, system design or social media role, I’ve got you covered. No job too big or small.

Please share widely! Thank you!

Get to know me at the newly re-hashed smiffytech.com

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