it took us almost 6 hours (we started at 6pm EST) and we finished about ten min ago lmao

now we’re eating and resting

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white cis men have used up my Free Trial for explanations and conversations

you must now pay if you expect any interactions

US Citizen?

Take a moment to protest the monstrous rule stripping away protections from our transgender friends. Protections that prevent them being denied medical care when dying of injuries.

This is important.

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Cashapp doesnt work internationally and I'm not sure of the best option but I have a ko-fi here too:

Thank you all so much for the retoots I feel yuck asking but it means so much

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A bit of a #plant curiosity. I threw a bunch of orange Eschscholzia californica, aka Californian poppy around my front garden. Most look as you expect, except the ones on this plant, where is like a 'tripple' layer of petals, rather than the usual single layer.

I've not been able to find this one online. You can get 'doubles' in coral colours, but I've not found anything like the one pictured.

So, is it some kind of genetic glitch or what?

FYI: I prefer the singles, but if this really is unusual, I'm wondering if I should save some of the seeds?


Wait, content warnings don't hide polls?


that's really bad

Eugen working for a company that endorses fascism and helps spread hate speech is super weird for someone who keeps saying he doesn't want Nazis using his software right?? Hmmm. Almost like he actually doesn't give a shit. :thinkingcat:

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⬆️ this is why none of the features you ask for and a bunch you don't want are part of #MastoDev or #MastoAdmin or whatever the hashtag is.

You can't address the software issues until you address Eugen. You are wasting your time.

On a good day, put together a little self-care package you can pull out for bad days. Include a few things you know will help.

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Stop thinking about relaxation as a guilty indulgence, and start thinking about it as an essential component of your physical and mental routine. Whether it's taking rest days from working out (which are essential for your muscles to repair and regrow), or unwinding with a videogame or TV on the sofa after a period of work (which is essential for you to unwind and process through stress), you deserve, and are not just allowed, but ENCOURAGED, to relax. If you need permission, you have mine. GO.

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