i literally stopped watching bc thats all i wanted clarification on lmao

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The Maintainers are looking for fellows! This opportunity will award 4 fellows to work on the intersection of maintenance, care, and the environment. More info on how to apply here: bit.ly/movement-fellow22 

I’m also part of the advisory committee. The award is $10,000 for the year, and it will allow you to pursue work related to maintenance, care, and environment along with other fellows

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money help needed 

Hey, I've had a really rough mental health patch for the past month and a half and I'm finally coming out of it to do commissions again, but I've been hit a dramatic increase in both my rent and bills.

Even if I get some more commissions this week, it's unlikely I'm gonna be able to make it to the end of the week.

Hopefully I'll be better prepared for this soon but right now I'm really not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


not me triggering a fight or flight response from posting one (1) comment on instagram

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What's the best Netflix shit to uh lawfully back up to a local drive

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Figured some people here might be interested:

The Maintainers are funding 4x $10k fellowships next year for people "whose maintenance, repair, and care work has substantial and practical engagements with the environment, and who are passionate about cross-disciplinary and interprofessional collaboration."

Applications due Nov. 4


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RT @GBBranstetter@twitter.com

Hannah Gadsby after Netflix's CEO cited her stand-up special as positive queer representation on the platform

🐦🔗: twitter.com/GBBranstetter/stat

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Dangerous spam alert: Watch out for unexpected DMs which claim that "Someone cloned your profile." The link points to a malware site.

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One of the first things a really problematic user of any web service will do is block its admins if possible, usually after being reminded of rules.

I have no idea why this is allowed in mastodon. You control your own followers, and we can see your posts from the admin tools anyway if we need to. It's not clever; it means you chose your instance poorly and will be yeeted once we notice.

Anyway, don't assume a mod sees the same problem posts you do and has been ignoring them. Report them. :)

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Additional support needed: A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

The council have pushed their deadline back to the 5th now, too. They *might* cover the worse of the rotten flooring, but not replace it.
Thanks for the donations so far, I forwarded it over yesterday but a lot more is needed. I've doubled the donations from the past few days too but that's all I can spare.
If you can help donating anything at all please please please DM me for PayPal/bank transfer details ❤️

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:boost_requested:Help disabled fam have a great halloween (and wear pants!) 

our disabled fam has been incomeless for 5 months. Halloween is our favorite day! Help us have a nice dinner this 31st 🎃

And... I have 1 pair of pants right now, and it's already hitting subzero temps here... Going to a thrift store soon, and want help to get at least 1 more pair

boosts & even tiny donations are appreciated/helpful!!!

#transCrowdfund #disabilityCrowdfund #mutualAid
(see next toot for paymenty things)

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Netflix transphobia, suicide mentioned 

The CEO of Netflix is defending Dave Chappelle by saying words can't cause physical harm.

This is the same company that ran "13 Reasons Why," a shitty adaptation of a shitty book that romanticizes suicide and was scientifically linked to a bump in the number of young people who killed themselves.


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A homeless T1 diabetic in Greater Boston needs your help to secure medicine and food. Right now he’s asking for money towards those goals! If you can, please send money to $diabestes1day on Venmo. Last four digits: 4257.


@InternetEh i was so annoyed to see just stairs and blocks 🙃

maybe with part two more will come?

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