anyone got a link for the steven universe movie?

Hi #quaranzinefest! I have a few zines published through #HivemindPress that you should definitely check out. They're all up on, but I'll run through each of them here.

piglet eye contact 

[selfies no ec] as a wise man once said, 

pandemic stuff, request for facemask info, :boost_ok:​ 

subscribing to my OnlyFans page is helpful, appreciated, and fun for both of us.

giving me money directly via payment processing apps is also valid, fun, and incredibly sexy.
Venmo @RawPecans
CashApp $PayBeltrami

thank you in advance for boosting or contributing to my continued existence. love y’all.

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I have a couple of lamium species in my yard. These first ones are volunteers in my back lawn and they're lovely. The second ones I planted to be fast growing ground cover with a nice accent to all the green things I have going in to this woodland side garden. #florespondence


New #FreshCuts post for $5 & $10 Patrons!!!

Check it out!!

If you become a patron you can see projects develop before they go public ^_^

Self-promo-ing again that I finally pushed my personal site live last night that includes 2 short stories, 2 poetry collections, and 2 photography projects and also blog posts about absolutely nothing.

University presses that have made books and journals open access during the pandemic:

how to prevent your glasses from fogging when you wear a facemask 

meta, but like actually, not the way the tag has been misused 

hey yall! blanchet house sent out an email to the volunteers about how they need more funds for to-go containers. theyve been making to-go lunches for the homeless folks they serve

theyve been swamped and changed from inside dining, to to-go foods, because they have MORE HOMELESS TO SERVE

anyway, ill post more in depth about the email later, but if you can help

please do, and please boost if you cant

#pdx #charity #COVID19 #covid

most federated software is run by people who are actively hostile to anyone who advocates for safety or privacy and it is on a fucking razor wire thin bit of patience that i continue to try to work at anything worth doing here

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