i want to thank everyone again for the financial help as i prepare to move out of my abusive landlady's house

here is a receipt of the supplies i got from lowe's for the sake of transparency

this receipt doesnt show the ubers i took or the cot/sleeping bag i bought

please donate (or boost!) what you can!

paypal: lughhudson@protonmail.com

if you feel inclined, i made a hashtag tracking my landlady's abuse #hoseing

thank you!!

Writers, Artists, Musicians of this webbed site, let's collaborate!

Please Boost!

If you happen to be in Germany this week, please remember: Saturday is a public holiday, so shops will be closed, and shopping needs to be done on Friday or earlier.

Hell, if you're short on reading material / learning resources, have a look at this: github.com/folkswhocode/awesom

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Idea for #Hacktoberfest: Instead of pushing code, you educate yourself on how software written by white men who do not listen to other people will never meet the needs of anyone.

Go read Technically Wrong, for instance. Or any of the billion posts, books and resources on the topic.

a general reminder for halloween month 

Halloween is not a free pass to post gross pictures of blood and guts and gore things, remember to CW your posts and be thoughtful of others who do not find that kind of material pleasant

Thank you :)

reminder that it's the first friday of the month tomorrow which means it's bandcamp friday - 100% of the money spent on bandcamp all day goes to the artist/label

so why not go ahead and support some black musicians blackbandcamp.info/#/

#Leeds council is asking citizens to collect seeds for growing new areas of woodland. They'll be adding collection boxes to local parks for people to deposit acorns, beech nuts, chestnuts and conkers.

I think this is a very cool project.


If your instance hasn't defederated from mastodon.social yet, what are you waiting for?

Defederate today, for great justice!

Proud Boys and the fashion label who keeps trying to shake them off (lol) 

Fred Perry has stopped exporting it's black and yellow polo shirt to North America until they are no longer being adopted by Proud Boys.


hi everyone!! i finally got my commissio up and running and i’m SO excited about it 🥳

right now i have three different avatar styles listed, and i hope to add more things very soon!! i am still able to take all sorts of commissions so just let me know if there is something you are interested in that i haven’t listed yet 🖤


#fediadmin keep an eye out, smuglo dot li's instance is shutting down, and users are migrating out to other instances and setting up new ones.

Also be careful if you go looking for the shutdown announcement cuz uh

heckin toxic language i tell ya hwat.

$$$ help, patreon, boosts appreciated 

(removed part about bills and glasses, since those are paid and glasses are ordered)

As usual, I'm in constant need of help since its been harder to find work because of waves hands around and my mental & physical health

I have a patreon: patreon.com/sparklejinx

and my usual links:

Any and everything is appreciated ❤️

fediblock for a big masto instance, extremely gross ableism, genitals referenced 

ppl have had serious issues with the way dot social has been running for like, a fucking while, but quite frankly, seeing a staff member post that ppl are "babybrained" and have "dents in their brain", and then their response to being reported for ableism is to mock it because they're an admin? fucking gross and we're sick of this kinda shit being acceptable


while we're at it we'll note that this isn't super new for luigi, see also: his past forays into, uh, mocking the very existent disability spoons theory because it's "baby talk"

there are probably more examples.
mastodon.social also just outright does not have rules against ableism. like, at all. presumably no one running the garbage site saw the need for caring abt ableism

(screenshots just in case of links breaking or other such things)

Pixelcat is a beautiful and fast Android client for the fediverse. It focuses on images and is primarily intended to be used with @pixelfed but it works with @Mastodon and #Pleroma as well (everything that speaks Mastodon api).
#Pixelcat is free and open source (GPLv3). github.com/pixelcatapp/Pixelca

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semi-urgent re: asking for money, roommates, need to house 3 cats temporarily in or around NC 

a lot of stuff is happening! here is a tweet thread from a roommate about all of it.


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