pig video, p quiet minus some munching sounds 

this is their mama, selene!! enjoying some much needed alone time. she, too, is pretty fearful.

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pig video, p quiet minus some air noise. 

the piglets are still too afraid of people to get good shots of them lmao

piglet video 

this lil piglet came to the farm today for rehabilitation (he’s got a broken femur) and then (eventually) adoption

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please enjoy these below in video format

and if you enjoy them, please consider donating to support them. we are a foster home for a non profit to rehome unwanted pet pigs, and educate folks who have or want pigs.


piglet video 

these two are samwise and frodo. from the recent rescue of 13

these two boys are separate bc they need neutering, and their ear tags will come off then too.

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piglet video 

gleason and the remaining (Puck got adopted) pixie babies now live together

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piglets nursing, video, pig noises, implied pregnancy complications within post 

this young mama had an emergency c section last night and her three live babies made it safely

they’re doing very well

ok so publicly now:

if you know a vet that sees farm animals, but more specifically please lmk

just a link to their website is fine, but if it's not in english please tell me if you or someone you know used them so i can be more certain they service pigs

im trying to create an international resource / list of vets that care for pigs

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pig video, she’s eating some grass 

betty, one of our two

pig video/noises 

here are the sows (young lil babes themselves)

there are two orange ish ones, two more pink ones, and one black one by the tree that is hard to see

one is Very pregnant so she’ll likely give birth the first, the rest have a bit longer

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we helped out some in a hoarding situation in NC

we got 12 new pigs out of it
5 pregnant sows, one no longer pregnant sow with 4 babes
and three piglets without their mom (old enough to be weaned so they're ok)

pig video, people talking towards the end 

we had the ballerina babies: rina, twitch and stuart do some too

rina is the one in the front, twitch is the spotted one (previously misrepresented as notch) and stuart is the other black piglet in back

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pig video, people talking 

you can hear my supervisor talking in the background explaining who the pigs are and what they’re doing

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pig video, pig noises 

me, walking with one of our biggest sonny

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pig video, pig noises 

me giving porky (lorge black pig) a belly rub

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