pig video, p quiet minus some munching sounds 

this is their mama, selene!! enjoying some much needed alone time. she, too, is pretty fearful.

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pig video, p quiet minus some air noise. 

the piglets are still too afraid of people to get good shots of them lmao

piglet video 

this lil piglet came to the farm today for rehabilitation (he’s got a broken femur) and then (eventually) adoption

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olive!! she’s a small pink pig. grazing, but she notices me and comes over for scratches.

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annabelle, a black pig w a very muddy nose. she’s a big rooter haha.

it’s shedding season, so some of these cuties coats are gone or they’ve got some bald spots.

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this is christopher robin. he is a pink big with a black face (although white hair grows to cover it). he’s grazing.

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this is raines! he is a silver and pink pig grazing on our lawn.

there is some talking in the distance, and many chomping noises from raines.

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this is a mix of jolene and selene’s babies. you can see selene as well.

lots of small piglets, some spotted and some not. they vary in size a little bit too as some babies may not have been born by jolene but she took them in as her own ☺️

there’s loud air noise in the background.

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this is momma selene!! she is the pig who had to have a c-section a week or more ago. doing great, babies also doing great.

mama selene is a small spotted piglet with three white babies feeding on her. two of the babies also have spots.

there’s loud fans going on and some talking towards the end.

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this big boy is porky. he is all black with white socks and a white chest/belly. his mohawk has some brown tints.

there’s a loud-ish scraping noise towards the end, but it’s just us scooping something out a bowl nearby.

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photos of bugs (bee) 

i love when the bumble bees are too large for the clover flowers and they tip over into the clovers as they land on the flower

drawn gore/implied violence 

please enjoy these new designs

i have one more i am still thinking about

piglet video 

these two are samwise and frodo. from the recent rescue of 13

these two boys are separate bc they need neutering, and their ear tags will come off then too.

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piglet video 

gleason and the remaining (Puck got adopted) pixie babies now live together

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piglets nursing, video, pig noises, implied pregnancy complications within post 

this young mama had an emergency c section last night and her three live babies made it safely

they’re doing very well

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