ok got the text wrapping to work the way i wanted, took a little since im not as familiar with

this is essentially what i am hoping for

i took stuff from to make this as well

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i did it with this exact toot so you can see what the heck im talking about

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pig video, eye contact and noises 

these are more of the girls. all very curious about me, as i sat in their pen.

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pig video, eye contact and noises 

also here are a few of the rescue

these are some of the girls

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an addition. they’ve changed from flowers to like... big nut/seeds or berry type things?

and it’s all green now, no more flowers

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pig video, humans talking in the background 

this is beau!!! he also came to us incredibly under weight so we’ve fixed that issue as well 😘

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eye contact, boosts ok 

me, always the pig lady.

(not pictured, the mask i will be wearing which also has on it)

photos of wasps 

we had these giant wasps on the farm last summer and we though we got rid of them but i just saw them mating yesterday

pig video, pig noises, one particularly loud shriek towards the end. it’s not super loud nor exactly a shriek but idk what else to call it 

some babies!! and georgie :)

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pig video, pig noises 

baby mamas!!! selene and jolene are the two standing together, their babies are the young itty bitty ones that run away from the camera

pixies babies are all adopted i believe.

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