also update on that berry plant: definitely bittersweet nightshade

ross has squished down the yarrow into a nest for him and all the toys lmao dogs are too cute

(photo quality compressed bc a friend shared them on instagram bc my phone was inside)

we have this tree? or something growing in our back fenceline and it has these sorta fruits on it and i have no idea what it is

here are my dogs 😌

ross is the black and brown dog, he is eight. we got him about four/five months ago now. he is an austrailian sheppard and goldren retriever mix.

penelope (aka pep) is turning five in february. she’s a pitbull mix. we think husky and beagle are in there given her personality and specifically her bark. we have had penelope for two years.

here are some piggies i’m working on for both the “wallow” series and the “rooting for you” series i hope to do 😌

here’s a pig i started

i like it so far but i think i’ll want maybe a little more texture and detail eventually

we went to the colleges arboretum yesterday and saw pretty flowers and a lobster hummingbird thing

I book mark a lot of images to use as a reference but the ipad version of toot is having issues saving the images to the photo library

I tested it on my phone and it worked fine

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