ok but really

how and why don't i have those nice little links on the side of my about/more page? for blocked content, or adding my own for sections of the COC

i am not a tech person, pls speak slowly and provide examples or tools when possible

@gingerrroot those are automatically generated when you use HTML heading elements. These are essentially the outline of your document/page.

You use them in the same order you would a Word document.

<h1>Animals (This is the title)</h1>

Som text

<h2>Sub category about cats</h2>

Some text

<h2>Somthing else about dogs</h2>

More text here

<h3>Sub thing about dogs that's more specific</h3>

Dogs are cute

<h2>Something about pigs</h2>

Pigs are good

@moiety thank you.

i tried to add them and it gave me an error so idk. i may have to redo the whole thing and that's really just why i haven't done it.

@moiety i will let you know, im gonna see if i can figure it out first.

but first i must do some dishes

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