oh i believe those orange ones are impatiens capensis/jewelweed! there's a huge shrub of them up the street from me.

@nicknicknicknick yeah looking at photos that seems to be exactly correct. thank you!!

@tastytea @gingerrroot definitely pokeweed and not elderberry: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phytol

See how the berry clusters differ (globe vs. a hanging strand). Important not to mix them up especially as the ripe poke berries are very toxic!

@raye oof okay, thnak you. someone thought they may be elderberries but they grow more in the pattern of poke berries so i'll research a little more and see what i find

@gingerrroot The spotted jewelweed is fast becoming one of the big riparian invasives in many areas. Good idea, if you’re in the US, to look up your county extension noxious weed list, or contact local stream teams. A lot of Stream Team and other environmental groups are trying to eradicate it before it gets a foothold, because it crowds out other species, even in reaches not impacted by human traffic. Beautiful, but villainous in the wrong places.

@gingerrroot 1 and 4 look like pokeweed which is highly poisonous, sometimes gets confused for elderberry but don't eat it!! Don't know 2/3

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