@gingerrroot yes, I used it for a while. I liked it, but that may be partially because of the name.

@gingerrroot we ended up using Zulip in the end for reasons that I don't remember at all, so it wasn't the favourite in the group.

@inmysocks ok ok cool.

im testing it out for the farm, but also myself haha


If you need any help with it feel free to ask me, I have looked into it a lot as I am trying to get a group I am involved with onto it and away from Slack.

@goodberry thank you!! i played around a little and it looks pretty workable, altho some of it may intimidate the other staff members haha

i'll let you know if i need any guidance!


You're welcome. Yeah, there's a lit there and sadly their native mobile apps aren't fully featured yet 🙁.


@goodberry ah ok, good to know. i haven't checked the app out yet.

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