i honestly didn't use to care as much about language used in this reagard

but it's really not that hard to change ableist language. it takes time and effort, yes, but it's not difficult

ludicrous, silly, absurd, indescribable, ridiculous, and many more will fit where you use "casually" ableist words

ableism (ableist terms mentioned in quotes) 

@gingerrroot this. I GET if you personally believe (and are affected by) a word like "stupid" not being offensive.

But for the most part (though I slip up occasionally) even short term experiments where I don't use "crazy" or "stupid" or "dumb"

I only had to use one word 90% of the time, and that was ridiculous. It's almost perfect for every situation.

I highly encourage someone to try removing ableist words from their vocabulary for even a day.

ableism (ableist terms mentioned in quotes) 

@lapis @gingerrroot "Wild" has become my favorite word for that. It fits most of the time. But it is difficult to cut out "stupid" because I haven't found a good alternative yet.

ableism (ableist terms mentioned in quotes) 

@Juju @lapis @gingerrroot I'm working on cutting out "stupid", too. Replacements are context-dependent, but some examples are "ignorant", "willfully ignorant", "thoughtless", "inconsiderate", "ill-considered", "rash"...

ableism (ableist terms mentioned in quotes) 

@Anke @Juju @lapis @gingerrroot I find it easier to stop using words like stupid and idiot to describe other people, than to stop using it to describe myself. (yes I know, I need to stop being mean to myself)

Ridiculous and wild are really good replacement, and for me, ignorant is a good replacement for stupid.

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@GwenfarsGarden @Anke @lapis @gingerrroot For people there are a lot of good words but what do I say about a "stupid" dog or guppy? I have a guppy that refuses to learn that it can't deepthroat the roots of the duck weed and I have to pluck it out of its mouth every time. Calling it ignorant doesn't work. I try to avoid "stupid" with the loophole "not that smart" but that feels like cheating.

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@Juju @GwenfarsGarden @anke @lapis

this is a great question, i struggle with this too. i’ll keep thinking on it. mind if i boost, julia?

ableism (ableist terms mentioned in quotes) 

@gingerrroot @GwenfarsGarden @Anke @lapis Please do. Maybe someone has a better word for that.

ableism (ableist terms mentioned in quotes) 

@Juju @Anke @lapis @gingerrroot Silly? Doofus?

Also happy to boost if ok by you Julia

ableism (ableist terms mentioned in quotes) 

@Juju @GwenfarsGarden @Anke @lapis @gingerrroot

i find "silly" is more affectionate and less harmful when it comes to aminals who simply do not know better. calling your pets ableist words is the worst. it hurts me every time i hear someone do it.

re: ableism (ableist terms mentioned in quotes) 

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