i find it very interesting that consent is mainly discussed within sexual scenarios

but i promise you need consent for any/every interaction online and offline. it’s not just for sex. it’s for hugs, for DMs, for flirting, for following, for collecting personal information too

just like. ask before doing things u giant doinks

maybe i gotta compile some resources not specifically tied to sex/sexual scenarios

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dripping sarcasm 

@gingerrroot But people might say no! Then what?!

@gingerrroot that's true, but I think we normally ask nicely.
Also, please don't call us a 'doink' - it sounds unpleasant, but I don't know what it means. Maybe you live in a really bizarre, foreign place like the uk? They have like a giant bojo there and stuff.
I'm not making this up, it's also true.

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