stardew city admin meta, silences and suspensions 

ok!! blocks have been updated and all reasons i have have been transferred/updated

the ones without reasons just may have been boosted posts with reasons that i didn't copy the link to, and likely follow along with all of the other block reasons

you can view our blocklist at

stardew city admin meta, silences and suspensions 

while doing this, i've discovered that an instance i thought was suspended, was only silenced

i do much of this on my phone, which is also why there are some duplicate instances with mispellings (i caught/deleted most of them), and sometimes things like this happen too

i also just plain found some instances that were never suspended, but were on my spreadsheet? (i always suspend first, and go back and add) so idk what that is about either

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stardew city admin meta, silences and suspensions 

anyway, that's all to say that things have since been updated: the blocks "missing" or whatever have been (re)added, and blocks i felt too harsh or mild were modified accordingly with the reason listed, and the links or screen shots i have

i still have to go back through my boosts (which i why i love the fediblock tag lmao) and find others i may have missed/not linked too, but that'll... be another time lmao

stardew city admin meta, silences and suspensions 

the excel spreadsheet has also been tweaked/updated and the updated file uploaded to my gitlab

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