fuck any religion or any other school of thought for instilling shame in folks re: sex(uality)

sexual abuse 

like im so tired and it honestly makes me cry bc i have so much internalized hatred and disgust and shame towards sex(uality) in myself

i was constantly criticized for being to slutty/promiscuous just for my Clothing. jsut for being curvy. just because men and boys constantly crossed my boundaries it was somehow my fault

this was my family, my "friends", and my church

no one taught me how to navigate physical relationships and i wound up getting abused, often.

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sexual abuse 

my mom is also for the most part, asexual it seems (from our own discussion of it), plus Very religious

so i doubt she would've known how to tell me anyway

but idk how to get more comfortable with it. idk how to talk about it. i barely know how to say what i'm typing rn

sexual abuse 

nyway it's too early for this

but i'm just tired and it's all i've been thinking about lately

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sexual abuse 

@gingerrroot I don’t have the same experiences as you but I want you to know I hear you and I feel for you

None of this is your fault, which I know you know, but I just very firmly know that in my heart as well

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