linked will be a thread of my pareon/ko-fi posts that i've made

to keep them more easily organized/accessible to me and others, i figured a thread connected to my intro post would be useful, but i'm not gonna repost every single one, and when i make more things i'll thread it from this post on my new intro

CW will be applied when/if necessary, but *all of my posts have CW in the beginning to warn the reader*

so! a new project i'm working on is a guide!

i've got the basics down, and i'm still organizing a little and formatting

i will continue to add as i go, and you can suggest things or add them yourself (esp for things i don't use/don't know about) as long as you're not a doink about it

you can also suggest guides/things to include at the end

i haven't been as active in the tag, but i wanted to let you all know my instance audit list (silences, suspensions, just instances im keeping an eye on) is available on my github repo

A new patreon and kofi post, exploring the criteria for

it's a personal post, thus patrons only, exploring my own manifestation of these criteria

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