things won't get better if we keep catering to whiteness/white supremacy and ideas/thoughts that fall into those categories

we have to challenge ourselves and how we've interpreted things and how we respond to things because our lens is different and Very Susceptible as white people in a white supremacist culture

there's been quite a lot of racism actively on display on the fedi (probably for even longer than most of us have seen/known)

address it. combat it. in yourself, and in your spaces.

this goes for me, too.

i am in no way less white than others, i am in no way less susceptible to falling into/sticking with the white supremacist way of thinking i've been indoctrinated into

listen more, talk less. digest. talk about it with other white folks in your circles and challenge one another, and ask them to challenge you. listen when challenged, pause more. think more. educate yourself more on whiteness/white supremacy.

this space is Very White, and white many of us are also disabled, poor, LGBT+, and have varying other intersections

this does not take away from whiteness, and how it impacts of views and the way we go through life

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