y’all don’t care about victims/survivors if you only care about Perfect Victims :yell:


i’m probably just gonna... boost this daily tbh.

survivors aren’t always going to be kind and considerate or Pure and sweet or even non-toxic.

we pick up bad behaviors in order to survive sometimes.

sometimes we are angry and harsh and overwhelmed.

stop dismissing us just because you don’t like us.

and like there has to be room for rehabilitation and redemption for All.

even survivors who are less kind and not picture perfect.

like i was abusive and manipulative and very hard to be around for a Long Time for most people.

i learned bad behaviors from my parents (as we do) and didn’t realize they weren’t healthy or good.

it takes time to unlearn those things even after your realize it. especially if you are still in a traumatizing and stressful environment or situation.

i’m not asking anyone to go through abuse to help someone learn, but i am expecting empathy and understanding.

i would even go so far as to say i held onto many of my harmful behaviors until the last twoish years.

so... yknow. be kind. be understanding. remove yourself if necessary

but please know that everyone is doing the best with what they have/know.

Thank you. Personal deets. 

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