anyway i am Already struggling financially with my low-paying job, and was recently told that my hours may be cut due to a lack of work left for me

and i have other financial stressors coming (legal issues, loans, bills in general) and could use help

i have a patreon/kofi where i write about and that you can support (or commission a post!)

i am also great at research and compiling materials if u need any of that

i’m also considering selling nudes again so we’ll see about that at a later date

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maybe i’ll just... go back to school so my loans will be paused again lmao

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related things, / compiling resources, , education (ie: ), changing colors of emojis (maybe?), testing your apps or websites for bugs, resume editing, cover letter help

maybe other things ?

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@gingerrroot i boosted this but please let me know if youd rather i not!!

Hello Ginger,
I don’t know what #TitlelX is and I was wondering if you would tell me what it represents.
Thank you

@MsQueenE1 Hello!

is a federal law in the US that prevents sex discrimination at institutions of education (schools) that receive federal funding.

you can learn more in the link in another post


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