why do men insist on keeping friendships with shitty people????

like you don't have to interact with them or be nice to them just bc you've known them for a long time and once were close

remove them, stop inviting them places, stop making other folks feel uncomfortable or even unsafe to be With You because you refuse to remove those people from your life

unless your goal is to be part of their rehabilitation to a Good Person by calling their shitty behaviors our consistently and in a way they will listen to

stop hanging out with them

@gingerrroot I can barely keep in touch with people I LIKE

It's because they are only pretending to care about shitty behavior.


> why do men insist on keeping friendships with shitty people

horrific levels of insecurity combined with a naive concept of 'friendship' and a constant cultural narrative that you should always side with your "team", is my take

so once again, male immaturity is kind of why we can't have nice things -_-


this isn't to say somehow that literally ALL responsibility falls to each of these individuals. I'm willing to say society is grooming this bullshit. society needs either a pyrrhic failure or a beautiful, phoenixesque rising from the ashes into a beautiful second renaissance of technology and guilds and information actually shared instead of behind a "learn it noob" shield defense of insecure tech fucksticks.

but society preys on the young, immature minds of children.


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