asking for help should never be something you feel embarrassed or ashamed about

even if you ask every day.

you are allowed to ask for help. you are allowed to need help. you should ask for help when you need it, that is the correct response to distressing times and emotions

anyone who has made you feel badly about doing so deserves a swift kick to the shin


can you imagine the kinds of look you get if you kick the guy who's handing out food from the Uniting Church's food bank?

he was right. i don't deserve charity food because i don't have a partner and children.

@gingerrroot I encountered this on IRC on EFNET when I first started using FreeBSD. Someone said: Oh look, dvl is back and he hasn't learned a thing!

Fortunately, there was Undernet, and we formed a good crew on there. I recall Jim Mock being there.

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