stardew city admin junk, suspensions 

newly suspended instances: for alt right / free speech shit for harassment and spam for their racism and transphobic april fools stuff bc they have the same admin at


stardew city admin junk, suspensions 

also suspended user jordan31 of for some free speech alt right behavior/replies

ill keep an eye on the instance as a whole to see if i want to suspend them all eventually

stardew city admin junk 

i also added a section to our COC better explaining how i choose to block/silence instances and users

it's all the way at the bottom of the COC but this is the gist of it:

"If users on an instance repeatedly engage in behaviors against our on COC, without appropriate reactions from the moderation team, and/or if the admin or mods of an instance engage in behaviors against our COC the instance will be suspended rather than just the offending users."

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