i Don’t Understand how we socialize cishet men to be so disrespectfully and cluelessly selfish

like Where is that tweet that says “women are not rehabilitation centers for badly raised boys” i would like that text on a t-shirt as well thank u

like i am tired of having to teach The Basics of consideration like cleaning up after yourself or asking questions or emotional regulation 🙃

and like. i know his mother. she did not teach him any of those things lmao. she is recklessly selfish.

so it’s not his fault but like

i don’t want to be ur mother.

like i’m tired of teaching but i’m also not gonna settle so like Pls Step Up or Leave

like i just get so fed up with men in general sometimes and i feel bad lmao

y’all just Tire Me

especially nerds tbh

your subtle misogyny soft boy thing is Still Misogyny

you being raised by a single mom doesn’t make you respect women more automatically 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

@gingerrroot Don't feel bad! I am a firm believer that misogyny should be addressed by other Men because they will listen to them. Same for all privileged groups!

@gingerrroot i have to do this with people i have no relation to except that i share a house with them, and it sucks

@gingerrroot if you make or find this please let me know cause I want it

@revolverocelot totally. i plan to look for it or see if whoever tweeted it has one somewhere

@gingerrroot i know a great birthday present for my daughter's 13 birthday now

a *bigger* knife, and that t-shirt.

Jalan and I were just taking about this. In her first marriage, her mother-in-law once took her aside and apologized for the son she'd raised.

Generally we don't have to try so hard in order to achieve comfortable status, because everything is setup for us. Thinking, listening and reflection are pretty optional.

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