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first day of the new part of my job and my puppy has bloody stool so i have to take her to the vet instead 🙃

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need help with money for pet health and my own health, boosts are also v good thank u 

also if y’all could spare some money to help pay for this

i am still paying off the last visit and the rest of my credit card debt (and this will be going on that card bc i don’t have the money in my acct)

so if u have any to spare i would Greatly Appreciate helping with my puppy and my own pain management

cash me, liberapay, kofi, and patreon are all listed

how much money? 

i have 1k on the card, from emergency expenses that came up with car issues, pet issues, etc.

the last vet visit was 170, and we got a discount because they had a deal with the place we adopted her from for the first visit. so this one could be Much more.

so uh. really anything helps. esp since i’m missing work today now 🙃

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puppy update, cost update, boosts good 


the doctor recommended some xrays

which will be a 300$ cost just for that part of the visit. (not counting the exam he did, and the medication i will likely need to get)

any help is appreciated

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puppy update 

two shots, two medications.

unsure of total cost yet

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puppy update, cost update 

okay total came out to be $575 USD 🙃

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