you can find a little about me in my bio, my website, and my old intro posts:

i go by ginger! i am into



/ sexual violence education

i am aiming to create more specific content regarding sexual violence education and mental health, which you can follow:

below will be a thread of my pareon/ko-fi posts that i've made

to keep them more easily organized/accessible to me and others, i figured a thread connected to my intro post would be useful!

CW will be applied when/if necessary, but *all of my posts have CW in the beginning to warn the reader*

Defining Sexual Violence breaks down definitions of sexual violence and a majority of the types of violent crimes that fall under that umbrella term

Defining Consent takes a stab at defining consent, but more so presents what is required for consent to be established, with resources of other places definitions/standards of

The Human Stress Response talks about , and what happens when to your brain/body when experiencing stress and/or

it also explains where triggers come from / how form

this is pretty relevant for

How To Support Victims/Survivors gives some examples of ways to respond to disclosure of , as well as provides many resources of organizations you can support to help protect survivors of

by far, the best way is to give money directly to survivors (like me!) but these organizations are great resources for things like as well

rape/sexual assault / MeToo 

My Story is my story. it shares my main experience with rape/sexual assault that reshaped who i was (but as my next post talks about, it's not the only i've experienced)

i also walk through a experience at the collegiate level and how it can go horribly wrong

*** this post very likely can/will be triggering please read with caution and care ***

What Trauma Took from Me frames as a form of or

the post is much more personal and exploratory in nature, to show a different way to view and process trauma, and grieve and move forward

the articles linked in this post also discuss the topic in a more academic way, but contain much more detail about so please read them with caution and care

Survivor Love Letter talks about the tradition of / that typically go out on social media on valentine's day for survivors of

the post contains a poem i wrote that may be triggering

Title IX Breakdown takes a more in depth look into as a law, how it applies (or doesn't) to schools, how and why it's related to and gives lots of resources to learn more

There's Something Wrong talks about my own personal journey with chronic health issues ( and ), and how I got to where I am through

it's more a personal post, reflecting on how much has happened and changed (but has it?) since I am currently struggling pretty hard

I haven't updated my patreon/kofi in a minute so i made a v small post about with links to previous posts containing resources, and other topics i've written on


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