ginger's tech opinions: 

raspberry pi is a cute name for a computer

ginger's tech opinions: 

anyway please stop men from doing any more tech things thank u

ginger's tech opinions: 

all sites and apps should have a CW ability

news sites, discord chat, streaming sites...

[sees anything tech related]

ok but what does that mean

bring back forum avatars thank u i loved dressing up my gaia girl

ginger’s tech opinions: 

most Gamers(tm) or Tech Bros are just hellish nerd men who think that because they were bullied by other men it somehow exempts them from misogyny

ginger’s tech opinions: 

anyway abolish follower counts and fax machines thank u

"just make your own fork"
"just add this [git link]"
"just switch to [other fedi thing]"
"put this [code] in the dev box"

ur not listening to me:

a tech podcast or whatever for and by someone who doesn’t understand tech called “what the tech”

honestly just put this on a crop top and i’ll wear it every day

ginger’s tech opinions: 

@gingerrroot @Wewereseeds That might even be giving them too much credit, I think a lot of them just feel the urge to be bullies and are too self-centered to feel bad about it, they just use the idea of past bullying (probably often not even true) to try and justify it to folks who do, or they know would, object to their shitty behavior.

But yeah, fuck 'em, seriously.

ginger’s tech opinions: 

@gingerrroot I agree, but I am really curious if there is a connection between the two other than that they shouldn't exist anymore.

ginger's tech opinions: 

@gingerrroot 💯. Especially white men. The amount of “inadvertently” racist tech is ridiculous.

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