i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

in the same breath:

mary sues aren’t real

men can be OP and survive anything and win everything and no one cares

let women be the same way

if a video game brings you more anger/frustration than joy/fun

consider not playing it tbh

me, hearing about a new video game for the first time: can i be a girl?

make video games easier thank u

also maybe less violent ? i’m tired of fighting.

me, as a video game vlogger or something: so, tell me about your game...

some game dev: well *talks about how it's made, the stor, cool technological and graphical things, the hard work of the team, etc*

me: can i be a girl?

sgd: well, no--

*camera pans towards me looking at it with my head tilted and a sweet smile*

me: 0/10

some dude: "it doesn't matter what gender they are, so why are you complaining"

if it "doesn't matter" then: Let Me Be A Girl

if it was less hard i would have finished it

is a feeling i have about many video games

if it was less hard i would have finished it: a list of games i have never completed/beaten 

if it was less hard i would have finished it: a list of games i have never completed/beaten 

i am 100% a Fake Gamer Girl i have never finished a single video game sorry

i made this my profile description btw

(but no "sorry" bc im not actually sorry)

me, while my boyfriend plays with his boy friends: babe there’s a gold thing over there. no, to your right. you didn’t pick up that ammo. babe there was a backpack Right there... well then ping it for them.

also me when my boyfriend plays : tell (friend 1) i say hello. how is (friend 2)? babe. *taps shoulder so he removed headset* what are you talking about?

using motion controls and timed puzzles are my least favorite part of any game

game companies owe me personally 5% of profits for every game that features a woman prominently on advertising or cover art but no playable female characters

@gingerrroot I tried to think of a reductive way to refer to all these male characters, but they all seem like they'd be taken as compliments -_-

@gingerrroot One I've been waiting for that may be of interest:

Farming, little friend critters, and dance offs when the little friend critters face off.

@gingerrroot YES PLS

I try so hard to make games that aren't predicated on violence

@revolverocelot ur right, no more female npcs either it'll help speed up production

@gingerrroot that is fair and valid. Completion is a bullshit metric. What matters is whether you enjoyed it.


heh, this is why my wife wouldn't let me arrange the office with me behind her vs. her behind me XD

(my concept of "situational awareness" is radically different from hers and I give very bad field feedback, I suspect)

if it was less hard i would have finished it: a list of games i have never completed/beaten 

@gingerrroot ummm apparently i didn't boost this when you first posted it????? wtf

@gingerrroot i agree with this post but also super mario odyssey is my favourite game of all time, what does this mean

@00dani my favorite games are the legend of zelda games so idk what to tell you

@gingerrroot you can and do play as a girl in those games tho :blobcat3c:

@gingerrroot i suppose you can play as cappy (a trans girl) in mario odyssey so that makes sense :blobcatsip:

@gingerrroot I love my comics fan buddies but they need to heed this advice, too.

@gingerrroot see Victor Vran and Van Helsing series both aRPG but don't allow ya to play a women.

You know games sometimes tell a story? Of a white man? Who has a child? And is straight?

If that's your only criteria for good games... man do I have bad news for you.

@KopfKrieg @gingerrroot games are more often than not original stories. Why don't more games write their protagonists as black folks, or women, or gay people? They have the control to do it since they are creating the worlds, but there's a problem because 99% of the time they choose to write a straight white male.

First, I literally don't care what gender and orientation my character is (no, really).

Second, if an author wants to have a white straight male as protagonist, why not? It's the author's choice. If you don't like that then don't play the game. Simple as that.

Or, you know, find someone who makes a game just for you. Creating games is hard, so don't take that easy.

@KopfKrieg @gingerrroot I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you're a white dude. You don't care about characters being the average white dude because you are one yourself. You have representation from the majority of the industry.

Non-white, non-male, non-straight folks are not represented. That means when we consume media, we have nobody who looks like us, nobody who might have gone through some of the same struggles we've been through - we have no one to relate to.

If we limit ourselves to only playing games that don't have straight white male protagonists, then we cannot play 99% of the games available. So that's not a viable solution for those of us that want to enjoy games.

Why should we limit ourselves rather than seek representation?

@brainblasted @gingerrroot
It seems to me that you want just more representation of non-white, non-straight, non-male protagonists, is that right? If yes, I totally support that! RPG-like character edit screens in most games would be awesome.

Unfortunately most bigger studios don't really care about it, in fact if you're lucky you get at least the choice between male/female, and that's it. Sometimes it just doesn't fit the story (and I'm fine with that),… (1/x)

@brainblasted @gingerrroot
…and sometimes the devs just had not time for it (or didn't want to, or marketing said otherwise, whatever).

Also, game developers are under a lot of stress. I mean, really lots of stress. So, having additional options is often not a priority. That's the sad reality :/


@KopfKrieg @gingerrroot it doesn't even need to have an RPG-like chooser. What I want is for some stories to default to people like us, rather than the industry-wide default of a straight white dude. 99% of the time the story would not change if the character was black, or a woman. If they can create the story, they can change anything about the story, including the characters' orientations, skin colors, and gender identities.

@gingerrroot The overabundance of video game protagonists voiced by Nolan North, Troy Baker, and Matt Mercer says less about the lack of available talent in voice-acting and much more about just how many games star a white dude in his 30s

@gingerrroot complex character customization is like a MINIGAME & it’s a WIN

✔️ 70 classes playable
✔️ Personalize your apparence
✔️ Only cis white male

@gingerrroot Brink has an enormous marketing budget for the time, and they released this trailer:

3 minutes of "you can make anyone you want!"

No girls, though. Even at the time it was extremely weird!

@gingerrroot so in the Witcher 3 they now implemented the groundbreaking new feature that you can also play as a White woman (Ciri) - but only occasionally, and with lots of fanservice. :blobunamused:

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