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anyway just a head of time

just bc someone wears revealing clothing or posts revealing pictures doesn't mean they want sexual attention

so pls make sure you know for sure when interacting that way if it's O K.

(for instance, not okay for me ever. pls never sexualize me)

(but boosts for selfies are always okay)

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ginger's tech opinions: 

raspberry pi is a cute name for a computer

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cher tweet

“Ok ! The Rant is over ! I’m Calmer ! Well I’m not Calm but I Got so upset i tired myself out !”

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i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

craigslist ad: SF Bay Area indigenous queers seek unwanted land where they can build an intentional community

"Poor but resourceful Indigenous, Oakland raised queers seek unwanted land in Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, San Leandro, or Hayward. We are serious about turning a neighborhood blight into a home, and have the capacity to build a structure ourselves. Able to pay up to $10,000 for something currently in living condition.

Ugly, outdated? No problem! Tear down condition? Awesome! Inherited some property that you don't know what to do with? We'll roll up our sleeves and make it a home. About to fall behind on your mortgage? Don't give it up to the bank!

We're aware that this is a hell of a long shot, but we know that there are houses sitting empty in the Bay right now, and we'd be happy to help keep some land from the capitalist developers displacing BBIPOC.

No scammers or trolls. We're not interested in lectures. We just want to stay in the community where we belong, and create a safe haven for our queer friends. If this works, we'll pay it forward to the community. Peace!"

I'm now at 44% of my goal (~$220/$500). I still need help though. Storage is due on my next payday (Friday the 14th) and that will take up basically all that paycheck. Then there's groceries (about $100/week), internet ($60), and my phone bill ($70).

Anything helps, but support yourself and BIPOC first.

#TransCrowdFund #CrowdFund #Nonbinary #ActuallyAutistic

You know, when our instinctual response to people doing harm is that we must lock them up or get rid of them, that's indicative of the carceral society we live in

Prison abolition and police abolition shouldn't just mean getting rid of those specific institutions but working to change our mindset

The idea that certain people are just inherently "bad" and can never change is rooted in ableism, racism, and xenophobia

covid, psa about hair loss 

god it stresses me out to see the media jumping on hair loss as a “long-term covid symptom”

sure sounds like telogen effluvium, which is shockingly common (despite how scary it is), 100% temporary, and happens about 2 months after an extremely stressful event, whether it was physical (an infection) or emotional (the onset of a pandemic)

...see why I’m worried?

My friend was helping people as a street medic when Austin Police fired a non-lethal round that basically shattered her hand.

She's still hoping folks can assist with her medical costs. ❤️

250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the #MozillaLifeboat tag!

Cw: "MAP" instance, FediBlock is a "MAP" Mastodon instance.

Many of their users openly admit a sexual attraction to real children with no intention of therapy. Rather, they gather here to normalize it and encourage others, even some child users.

They are hosted by, which is powered by Linode, the admin's gmail is available


Looking for a masto thread, boost OK 

Who has that thread were someone was explaining how to call out family member?

It was about taking the topic out of the situation.
Then talking about how I would feel, instead of the topic.
Like it could be about the shared value, and how that family member was making me feel unsafe and 'unaligned' with previously shared values.

(I am using 'I', but it wasnt my thread)

Boost OK :boost_ok:

Assault, aid request 

Please help keep an indigenous sex worker housed as she recovers from a violent mugging.

Cashapp: $KDEPOP


Request for aid 

A black Portland dancer and mother broke her arm. Please help her recover:
Cashapp $NallaHMP

#PDX #CrowdFund #BLM

Domain Block 

So, on top of and, you might as well block too, because of course the shitty doppleganger with an M in his name has a PeeTube instance.

I reiterate for clarity's sake: This is the arsehole djsuMdog, not the actually decent person suNdog.



Google drops a surprisingly good inexpensive phone, and @packetcat & @chosafine ball out at Samsung Unpacked. And by ball out we forgot to talk about the phones and really just gawk at high prices and branded experiences.

Shades Of Brown Episode 140: The G Is For Gamer

HQ Upload is available at:

:betty: Hello, #Funkwhale friend! We are looking for contributors, and maybe you could help us!

We're currently looking for development help, but there's lots of other ways to contribute. Give this new blog a read, and share with anyone you think might be interested. And @ us with any questions.

:wanda: Getting Involved With Funkwhale:

We have moved from @accessibleColors to @randomColorContrasts.

This is to further distance from the idea that these colours on their own are 'accessible'.

The posts also dried up a month ago, and they're back up and running. 🙌

nazism, lebpol, birdsite 

so the Lebanese Consul to NY is literally a Nazi

like *literally*

Hey, if you know of a software dev position open remotely or the North England then pls check for my cv cause I need a job thanks.

Can anyone help me and my gf out? My gf is looking for a good mastodon instance to settle in. Preferably related to art/artists, LGBT friends, left leaning, and social.

PDXpol, bombing, eye contact 

Louis Garrick Fernbaugh tried to bomb a protest (the night of 8/7). He has accounts on Facebook (under his name) and instagram (pictured). Before the attempted bombing, he made a Facebook comment on an article about the feds snatching protesters, claiming he "infiltrated antifa" and offering to collaborate with them. Considered armed and dangerous!
Car license: 465 KLC
His online business:

Report his accounts, spread his face, crash his site.

either i’m gonna have to sign up for reddit or my bf is gonna have to follow/join/what happens on reddit the subreddit

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