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anyway just a head of time

just bc someone wears revealing clothing or posts revealing pictures doesn't mean they want sexual attention

so pls make sure you know for sure when interacting that way if it's O K.

(for instance, not okay for me ever. pls never sexualize me)

(but boosts for selfies are always okay)

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ginger's tech opinions: 

raspberry pi is a cute name for a computer

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cher tweet

“Ok ! The Rant is over ! I’m Calmer ! Well I’m not Calm but I Got so upset i tired myself out !”

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i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

Anyone have resources on leading or planning discussions about race and antiblackness in the workplace? Googling got me nil.

So many of my black friends on this site have actually left the site due to how the white population on here has decided to coopt the movement.

I'm not joking.

Friends have left this site because of how white people have either spoken over them, made the riots about themselves, or demanded emotional labor from them. And they feel safer elsewhere online.

This is your fault white people.

Because you can't decentralize for one moment.

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Two eBooks about police violence are currently available for free from their respective publishers:

"Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?" - A book about the history of police violence on PoC in the US.

"The End of Policing" - About why policing is inherently flawed and why reforms don't work.

info request for children 

does anyone have resources for talking to YOUNG kids (kindergarten age) about racism and police officers because when i search i’m just finding shit like “how to raise a conservative child” and. no.

Zoom and Keybase are going to not provide encryption so they can work with law enforcement, alternatives inside 

Proof here:

Instead I highly reccomend Jitsi instead as they *are* adding End-to-End encryption, though for now you'll have to use a Chromium based Browser, I recommend this one: as it removes all the Google tracking and spying stuff but still has all the features you need which Firefox based ones don't yet have.

or you can use which already has end-to-end.

I want to ask you all to donate to Edson Thevenin’s family. The Troy, NY police department unlawfully took Edson’s life. He was a father and husband. I’ll spare you the details of the case because the truth has yet to be discovered. The officer’s story does not match the evidence... or logic. This GoFundMe has been up since 2016 and has still not raised its goal.

Thank you in advance for your generosity

Educators: If you wish to aid in the dismantling of a racist police state, you should avoid Zoom at all costs since they've made it abundantly clear they'll willingly team up with law enforcement:

If you are about Blk lives mattering all the time.... you would be working thru the discomfort to make actual amends.

Also on the topic of "sharing screenshots from other sites with no link or caption" often the screenshots are in the preferred colour scheme of the person who made the screenshot, which means forcing people who can't read that scheme to try. If you do share a screenshot from another site, also including a link to the source means that people can see it is real and use their own preferred themes and other accessibility tools to read the post themselves.

I know the scottish contingency on the fediverse is a bit sparse, but here's a list of scottish anti-racist organisations you can and should donate to, courtesy of Living Rent's twitter:

Saheliya -

Positive Action in Housing -

Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights-

Ethnic Minority National Resistance Network-

I'm getting increasingly frustrated at the primacy of twitter among the social media platforms, especially in sharing screenshots from it constantly as a source. Reading a bunch of pictures of a twitter thread is really inaccessible. Half of the time the screenshots aren't even cropped so you read the same thing over again and it cuts off mid sentence? A tweet's structural format does not require this much misplaced respect, just transcribe or paraphrase it into whichever medium you wish the share the info on. You can still credit the author.

i know things are starting to happen in the UK again. please remember that a lot of police forces work with the DWP and will pass on information about disabled activists attending protests and demonstrations. the DWP can and will use attending protests as "evidence" that you shouldn't be receiving disability benefits.

CW talk, mastodev 

a filter that CW's posts with the filter term(s) instead of hiding the posts? #mastodev

The FBI has set up an online tip site to collect information on “unlawful violent actions” going on at protests in the U.S.
It would be a shame if people used anonymous internet connections to submit misinformation, random bullshit, images of white supremacist violence from the past years, etc....

the only abortion clinic in kentucky that does surgical abortions and one of the only black-owned clinics in the county was damaged and possibly looted on the 30th; they're still open and seeing patients, but you can donate to help them with repairs here:

Black-led LGBTQ services and activist groups to donate to:

- The Okra Project

- Black Trans Travel Fund

- SNaPCo

- Black AIDS Institute

- Trans Cultural District

- LGBTQ Freedom Fund

- House of GG

- Trans Justice Funding Project

- Youth Breakout

while we shift focus to donating directly individuals please donate to this gofundme for a woman named Barbara Vernéus to complete her journey to becoming a midwife. the statistics of death for birthing people in the US are abysmal and the truth is that those numbers are disproportionately made up of Black birthing people. one way we can help fix this is by supporting more Black birth workers.

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