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anyway just a head of time

just bc someone wears revealing clothing or posts revealing pictures doesn't mean they want sexual attention

so pls make sure you know for sure when interacting that way if it's O K.

(for instance, not okay for me ever. pls never sexualize me)

(but boosts for selfies are always okay)

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ginger's tech opinions: 

raspberry pi is a cute name for a computer

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cher tweet

“Ok ! The Rant is over ! I’m Calmer ! Well I’m not Calm but I Got so upset i tired myself out !”

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i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

everyone uses duolingo, but there's also a free and more open couse for learning to speak, if not spell, languages!

it's a welsh thing, it started as a welsh course only (i can confirm it's very good!) but they now offer #welsh, #manx, #cornish, #spanish, #dutch and #latin!! which is pretty neat, right?


i had to pay for an eye exam and glasses today so my budget will be tight for a while, help with spreading my commission info would be really, really appreciated! ;w; :heart_sp_nb:

its all on my carrd along with my ko-fi:

Commissions are open! You can view prices and terms in my caard (brand new!) Slots are limited. #mastoart #commissions

boosts are much appreciated!

there are a good handful of tiktok folks raising money and just giving it to people (in cash or renting hotels for them and getting food and items they need) and i hate when folks film others without permission or for clout but most seem p good about it honestly

me: but did you know that crows share knowledge intergenerationally


the "helpful meme" about insulin being available over the counter at Wal-Mart for $25 is going around again and I don't want to bust anyone's bubble but it is so fucking obvious to me who does and doesn't know someone diabetic


insulin isn't a one-size-fits-all and telling someone "you can get it cheap at Wal-Mart!" is literally telling someone, "hey, the thing you need to live, you can buy a knockoff of it at Wal-Mart for cheap, it'll MAYBE keep you from dying."

26/09/20: We're $200 short on the rent. Necklace in purple and gold anodized aluminum, byzantine neck chain with Japanese 4 into 1 triangle tapering to a hanging loop meant to lie in the cleavage. US$40 includes shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal Cash.App $tarlimanjoppos #maille

Since June two massive protest encampments have unhoused people in Philadelphia have been demanding that the housing authority transfer their VACANT houses into a community land trust and give permanent housing to the unhoused protestors

AND TODAY THEY WON!! 50 Houses are being transferred into a community land trust owned by the unhoused protest organizers!! This is a HUGE precedent and a STRONG start! Philly is THE poorest major city America

So, any #recommendations for #instances with users and admins who are serious about being anti-racist and anti-ableist and actually know and learn things and take people seriously? And I don't just mean undescribed images, there is a lot more to it. I am all for blocking all the instances because racists and fascists.

+ lots of creative people

+ sharing work and personal stuff

+ maybe not all US-centered? Or at least open to the idea that life and issues "out here" can be very different

philly housing pol, +++ 

"Not only has a group of poor and homeless organizers managed through direct action to win an agreement that will set a precedent for the entire country, but we have also forced the city to exercise its power of the Philadelphia Housing Authority and finally get them to give up these vacant homes that have been blighting our communities for decades."

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I'm begging y'all to not reply to other people's happy posts with envy and sadness. Please let other people have happiness.

Google banned LBRY Android from the Playstore without warning and for contrived reasons.

This video details their exact communications, reasoning, and hypocrisy.

We believe we are being targeted due to big creators fleeing YouTube for LBRY.

Please share 🙏

Aggressive reminder to never shame people for asking for help.

And PLEASE stop calling asking for help/assistance "e-begging".

Frankly, it's gotten to the point where it just carries negative connotations and does nothing but make the person asking for help feeling ashamed for asking for help.

You can either give or mind your damn business.

EZLN, donation request, government violence, :boost_ok: 

The Zapatistas have been under attack by paramilitary forces backed by the Obrador government. The attackers have just burned two coffee warehouses, and the community is asking for support.

Maybe it was #homophobia all along?? 🤔

"Ending the lifetime ban on queer men donating blood made ‘no significant change’ to HIV rates in US blood banks"

Any goths on here have favorite Black-owned accessory businesses?

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