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anyway just a head of time

just bc someone wears revealing clothing or posts revealing pictures doesn't mean they want sexual attention

so pls make sure you know for sure when interacting that way if it's O K.

(for instance, not okay for me ever. pls never sexualize me)

(but boosts for selfies are always okay)

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ginger's tech opinions: 

raspberry pi is a cute name for a computer

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cher tweet

“Ok ! The Rant is over ! I’m Calmer ! Well I’m not Calm but I Got so upset i tired myself out !”

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i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

Anyone wanting to help me stay online, I could use some top-up for my data. 📶

You can help me keep working on #Funkwhale and all my personal projects and upkeep of this instance and general existing and feeding both my cats and the village stray cats via:


putting a small etsy order in so if u have a shop lmk and i’ll check it out

i don’t have much, but i can buy a few lil stickers or trinkets and stuff to support u, bonus points if it’s gay or something my 5 year old would like (i’m also looking for stocking stuffers for her)

Today's posts are brought to you by uBlock Origin. A free open source plugin for most major browsers that blocks ads and malicious content from loading on your computer. Free yourself from the ads on sites like YouTube, Twitch, and porn sites. Support creators on your own terms without enriching Big Tech.

uBlock Origin: "The ultimate logical consequence of blocking = theft is the criminalisation of the inalienable right to privacy."

Remember, no beating yourself up for doing too little! Every little bit helps 🌟 and if you weren't able to do anything, acknowledge how hard your struggle is 💙

FYI if you have a Nintendo Switch, looks like you’re auto opted-in to share your browsing data through Google Analytics under your eShop profile. Need to manually opt out. Confirmed myself.

Relatedly you can also set a custom ad/tracker blocking DNS server under the system settings to block analytics like this.

#Privacy #Gaming

If you're not doing as much as you want or as much as necessary in the constraints placed on you, I'm sorry and you deserve ;care and support. You are not lazy or a failure--you're struggling and trying, and please believe me that the narratives you've been fed about laziness and moral failure are proven lies. The difficulty you're having does not define you as a person no matter what you might have been told.

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for those that work in #tech and #journalism ( #ttechjournalism)
and you're doing wrt fedi, (i know theres a few of you)

what are the ethical frameworks you're using? how do you engage with this platform and the various users? how do you frame them (users & instances) within your own work?

feel free to reply and rb

Hey folks, please remember: Indie games are usually made without the abuse developers suffer at the hands of AAA game publishers. The developers and artists are paid more, get proper credit, and aren't forced to shovel in microtransactions because of corporate meddling. Not to mention they're usually more fun as they're designed with gameplay in mind first (instead of many AAA titles which attempt to psychologically manipulate you into buying microtransactions).

Buy indie games, pirate AAA ones


we have a "search image for text function"

caption your screen caps u jerks

i made the nostrils lighter/the color of them closer to the font. i like it better

here's it transparent, too

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round two, i like the black better but im not sure what color to make the nostrils in that case. the purple is based on the purple in the PIGS font, but idk!!!

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playing with some logo ideas, changed the name a little bit

still haven't settled on exactly what PIGS stands for, but I like it for the name

not sure about colors yet, since most pig places lean on pink/white pigs I'm thinking about doing something different but idk

i am feeling the stress of the world today and i would rather cry in my bed but i am at the office, doing pig things

need money, financial help, boosts appreciated 

I got bills past due. I earned some money at a gig but that’s not coming in til next week and even then it’s barely enough to cover it all. I need 180 ASAP to cover everything. Please give what you can.$fillertrack
On Venmo: fillertrack

a LOT of people were arrested last night after a standoff with police in West Philly. Earlier in the evening, the PPD murdered 27 year old Walter Wallace Jr. They shot him 10 times in front of his mother and other pleading neighbors. burn it down.

good time to donate to the philly bail fund if you can

Some U.S. credit card companies will let you put your name on your card even when it differs from your legal name. Might be worth looking into yours and seeing if they will! I was surprised to find one of mine already had that ready to go. :boost_ok:

OII Australia has an "Intersex for Allies" page that explains a bunch of stuff: #IntersexAwarenessDay

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