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anyway just a head of time

just bc someone wears revealing clothing or posts revealing pictures doesn't mean they want sexual attention

so pls make sure you know for sure when interacting that way if it's O K.

(for instance, not okay for me ever. pls never sexualize me)

(but boosts for selfies are always okay)

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ginger's tech opinions: 

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cher tweet

“Ok ! The Rant is over ! I’m Calmer ! Well I’m not Calm but I Got so upset i tired myself out !”

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i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

ok i gotta go to bed

i had fun githubbing i’ll fix up some mistakes i saw (and missed as i reread 200 times to make sure) just now and hopefully remember in the morning lmao

sleep tight, give the poor money thank u

i am extremely proud of every trans person who came out over the last year. i am also very proud of cis people who had a questioning phase over the last year and realized they *weren't* trans. i love you all so much

Techposting; recommended Firefox add-ons for security (updated recommendations) 

Techposting; recommended Firefox add-ons for security (updated recommendations) 

Are you interested in reading my work but not sure if you want to support me yet? Or can you not pledge to me on Patreon? I get it! I release chapters publicly a couple weeks after posting. They are on my Patreon and also aggregated on my Wattpad!

Want to tip me? Want to gift me instead? You can find all my links for Ko-Fi, Wattpadd, Patreon, and more here:

My friend Nick is streaming again today! More Project Winter, and he has 3 Steam Keys he's giving away on stream! Come watch his traitor shenanigans and see if you win a copy of the game!

Son told me geology is the study of time and pressure. As we walked, it struck me that sociology and economics were also the study of time and pressure. Then I started to think that maybe every life is in its own way a study of time and pressure.

I've started, I'm just gonna chat until a few people come on over.

I'll be doing this for a while, so please, come join when you get to it!

I'm gonna be reading shitty fanfiction out loud.

the price of food has gone up, the bills are coming in, and i'm broke again.

i live on fixed disability income, and it's about half of what it costs to live through a month in 2019 in Ontario.

please help if you can, and always boost!

i could use some money for food to make it to the end of the month. any amount helps.

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