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Hi I'm Ember! I'm here to post about games that I'm playing, probably mostly the Sims 4.

My profile picture is Morgyn Ember, a nonbinary Sim from the Realm of Magic pack and I love them so much.

My header image is a selfie of Morgyn Ember with my Sim Brem, who is a nonbinary changeling and also a spellcaster like Morgyn. Also they're partners.

I also like to build stuff in the Sims, so will post pictures of that as well!

The Sims meets She-Ra 

Double Trouble married their co-star, another rising actor Venessa Jeong, and got 24,000 simoleons in inheritance money

I'd say that's pretty good

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The Sims meets She-Ra 

Double Trouble's got their second acting gig tomorrow and this time we're gonna ace it

They're starting to build skills and make friends with other actors and famous people

If Double Trouble can get married in 4 days they'd inherit a good deal of money, and I'm thinking they might do it if they can manage to marry someone sufficiently famous, but that's not easy to do

Stardew Valley 

The fair is pretty cool! A lot more to do than the other festivals

The target shooting game doesn't work for me though, I think the mechanics are messed up

But I'm good at fishing at least!

Stardew valley 

Lol I'm like best friends with Demetrius somehow

I have 6 hearts in my relationship with him and the most with anyone else is 3

Stardew valley 

This is a pretty peaceful game

It's nice

Stardew valley 

Okay mushrooms are cool but like

Fruit bats! Fruit bats! Fruit bats!

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Stardew valley 

Ooh Demetrius showed up at my door, he has a plan for an experiment in a cave

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sims 4 posting, race 

playing eco lifestyle and uhhhhhh something rubs me very very wrong about the entrepreneur bess. I wish the roles for her and the eco master were reversed. leaves a weird taste in my mouth for a natural black woman to be a money hungry scam-artist (yeah ik Sometimes you get the money back but this is Not one's first impression)

I think I might do Prince Peekablue for Double Trouble's human form

I really like their style as him

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So what should Double Trouble's human form look like?

This will be the main alternate they can shapeshift into

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I'm gonna make them an alien because they actually can shape shift in the game

Though I won't be able to have the Sim shapeshift quite as much as double trouble does, I can still change outfits and haircuts and stuff

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Gonna attempt to make Double Trouble in the Sims today!

I want to get them into the acting career

Stardew valley 

Lol I gave Demetrius a birthday gift and now I'm even better friends with him than with Robin

He is really cool too. I like that he's a scientist and he always appreciates it when I bring plants for him to study

Stardew valley 

Can't upload pictures right now but I'm at 3 hearts with Robin!
2 with Demetrius, Pam, Penny, Emily, and Marnie!

Hmm music isn't playing in Stardew, wonder if it's because of a mod or something?

Borrowed internet to download mods that will make stardew valley more fun for me, including one that lets you have multiple spouses

I wanted to get one to remedy the overwhelming whiteness of the villagers, but seems like it needs an update, so hopefully I can get it eventually

Stardew valley 

*gasps* fairies

Oh I also have one heart in my relationship with Emily, Penny, and Marnie

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