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indoctrination meritocracy / canada/ quebec / anarchism 

meritocracy /colonialism / liberalism 

jobs / hiering / liberalism 

This Radical Mycology book is really interesting, especially introducing new theories about the physics of water, the fourth phase shedding light on understanding micro fluid physics.

It takes just the tiniest bit of microbiology knowledge to understand, but nothing that cant be searched in google, or learnt in a basic introductory book.

I really feel instinctually that the transforming of waste into needed materials is a skill worth having. Fungus is amazing at this

relational healing 

cptsd / plurality / healing / microdose 

afro house is.. where its at

is anything more dancable than this genre? I dont think so.

yes to Afro House


ya im gonn amarinate in this genre for a bit

Liberals quote supply and demand the way Christians quote Scripture.

Would you ever go exploring an underground sewer?

I feel like i need to do this sometime within the next calendar year.

I need to get acquainted with the underground waterways and paths and creatures

(-) need angry leftist playlist 

sex / landlords are evil, even when theyre not your landlord 

Got my radical mycology book in the mail today hehehehe

We need old schol weblinks again this is ridiculous :ms_upside_down_smile:

Does anyone remember what that 1970s University Computer Programming video that draws parallels to magic is called? Or a link I can't find it.

why click a pretty button when i can spend half an hour desperately searching how to run a script from terminal in order to install something?

I need to find a decent GNU linux tutorial curriculum. Im getting frustrated with myself.

I like learning, but not constantly every time i try to do something.

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