Guys I need some help, I dont know what kind of trans to call myself to communicate properly. I know how I feel Im just bad with terms. :trans_heart:

trans terms help please 

im :nd:

Im ian ntersex enby. Its hard to know how much the hormonal transision affected me. It went on through most of puberty. I didnt have a real period or hips or boobs when I started. I started getting chin hairs. My shoulders had started getting broad. This is when the birth control started at 13. at 15 theyreplaced with diane 35. on and off as migraines came and went. I spent most of puberty on the meds. Id go back on when I started to develop "wrong"

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trans terms help please 

@PentagramPip not sure if this is helpful, but I use "gender incoherent" for myself because I feel that's the most fitting term for me. Because my gender is... messy and it doesn't seem to fit neatly anywhere and also ... I'm not sure I want it to.


trans terms help please 

@pink_ink i like gender incoherent! hehe this will be one of my answers in my next gender interrogation. I think the line between physical and neurological and mental/emotional, its not really real.... its not coherent to me anyway.

gender is a construct that wraps itself around all those things in different ways. Im not surprised it doesn't fit nicely into preexisting words, or the ideas in other peoples heads.

trans terms help please 

@PentagramPip yes! To all of that.

I also don't like the idea that gender is supposed to be this neat thing. Genderqueer works for me, too, but the incoherent part makes it explicit that sometimes it's just really hard to put into words or talk about all the gender stuff for me.

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