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A lot of us like just in case bags haha :ms_grinning:

:nd: Daily carry looks like a thing

Just in case stuff, I already dont like having to leave the comfort of my home, its nice to feel prepared.

Im scavenging for some info on self dx. I self dxed, even had is confirmed by my psych and my mental and physical health has skyrocketed.

The aspie quiz was fun, there were some blogs, but I really came to the conclusion on here, by interacting with and reading about autism from other people

If you guys have thoughts, anecdotes, details, links, books, stories, questions, please post because im piling all this up and putting it in a :_gaysparkle: :nd: wiki :nd: :_gaysparkle:

I figured something out that freed me of my mental addiction to a toxic person.

I feel free

I have to remind myself sometimes that being autistic means that really awful and really good moods can come and go really fast.

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Obviously there will be stages and of course treatment options.

maybe i should get high and spitball some ideas

I need to put together a diagnostic criteria for suburban mind disease.

There needs to be more awareness.

Do you carry around a big bag with you when you leave the house full of stuff you might need "just in case" for yourself? Are you ?

Autistic Backpack daily carry

book/ ebook
seasonal jacket + extra socks/gloves in winter
sunglasses (broke)
tissue paper/toilet paper
soap/hand sanitizer
water bottle
caffeine in thermos or $
scented/deodorizing spray
medications, (ibuprofen, cannabis, lactaid, ect)
emergency $$ to get home
headphones + devices
fidget stim (keychain, jewlery, toy)
chew stim (gum, mints)
visual stim (jewlery, glitter nail polish, keychain)
bullet journal
cptsd flashback grounding list

Do you guys think its part of autistic culture to carry a backpack around full of just in case and sensory management items, because i do 100% and I keep adding things to it.

Would be nice to have a list of peoples lists so we can swap tips.

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My friend done a few podcast trial runs, were figuring out how to get the flow going with different topics without just veering into a personal chit chat.

Hot takes are waaay too much fun.

The real gift is healthy boundaries.

An appropriate reaction to these abusive pressure. Whatever we feel safe doing, is better than reinforcing their delusion that oppressive trivial social norms are in any way shape or form an acceptable demonstration of attachment or affection.

Assimilation isnt love, its abuse.

This is supposed to be productive and loving.

Do authoritarians think aggressively enforcing conformity on their loved ones is a demonstration of affection?


I used to do it. I see people do it all the time. They think spreading their mind cancer is a gift.

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