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Id be so much easier to like talk to new people, if you could share your online life when you meet!!! Before you even speak.

Like... thats how a lot of us interact. Id rather that than tinder.

like the playilst, or a video or just links, online things you thought of sharing. and you can together.

I mean like, i hang out with people online in person all the time. And its soooo much easier to meet new people online. SOooo

why not make it easier to be online in person??

Would make it much easier to meet people.

I would love to be able to arrive at a a friends place or a party or an event. And have like a big party LAN offline blogs + file sharing

you would have a profile, some links, some images and videos, and people could brows peoples music and art of people at a party. There could be projections of people files as we hang out, like a big shared screen.

Like blend it together.

You can store the audio once that way instead of over and over, a lot of people just put songs over their videos.

But Smaller files for visuals only are going to be a more casual way of interacting over the internet, along with text, and something like masto but tiktok is soooo much better than peertube.

Some feeds need to be compiled into online magazine articles

Theres a beautiful blanket of snow outside.

wish I could watch an underground sewer rat livestream.

I bet its wild

trans terms help please 

Guys I need some help, I dont know what kind of trans to call myself to communicate properly. I know how I feel Im just bad with terms. :trans_heart:

Trying to imagine it from both sides, Id be down for the gig if I liked what the work entailed. It would be nice to be able to pause on making/crafting and shipping things if im not feeling well, or even to redirect for them to be filled by the main store instead of me.

Like from the ground up it would be nice if it was all open from the beginning.

anarchist online outsourcing would be nice 

musings /// software tools to share work I wish existed 

I like the idea of running an online shop with some online friendsl. It would be nice to have software to run orders through, and then whoever had the stock + closest to fufill for shipping would get the packing slip and the order info to ship out.

Instead of a boss that hires, just like, send a friend supplies and set them up with an account to begin fufilling orders and it would be easy to track their profits and pay them out properly.

" The Open Science Framework (OSF) is part network of research materials, part version control system, and part collaboration software. The purpose of the software is to support the scientist’s workflow and help increase the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices. "


I repotted my pothos and one has a michrozial relationship! Maybe its the bokashi waterings? It had much fuller stronger roots, they looked thicker because of all the fuzz too. Hopefully It spreads to its new pot roommate.

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