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The squirrel has been named Trevor and it looks like it will be spending more time on the balcony. It hasn't tried to break into the apartment for some time. Maybe we can have peace. The hovel is being left alone for now.

putting together all my diy laboratory links and resources :coffee_sv: for trashpandas

covid in quebec 

We are behind with testing. They are prioritizing healthcare workers.

The government is trying really hard to downplay by saying they have more than enough tests for the very limited scope of testing, only people who've been in contact with travelers.

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covid in quebec livestream 

Now it's symptoms and you have to know someone who's travelled.

So community contamination people aren't being testing.

Now they go back in the list. Already testing kits are in short supply. They are just explaining how they are testing.

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covid in quebec livestream 

now the criticism is coming about why there aren't more tests.

They have people with symptoms with those who work in healthcare waiting over a week for a test.

So the testing is in shambles.

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covid in quebec. 

So they've given themselves the powers, but they don't want to apply them.

Legally a gathering is two people.

So the law gives them sweeping powers that for now they aren't touching.


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They can force positive tested people to be using force. And large gatherings CAN use force from police officers.

So they say they will if they are tested.

In other words, police force is considered an option.

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The quebec government is live streaming lets see what they say.

Blue is the classic alt shade in the natural hair community. Every shade and undertone exists in all kinds of braiding hair options. Why not pink?

There's a lot of silver gray options as well. I think I 'll go with silver next after I tire of NEON hot pink hair.

long/ seasons and psychosis 

Winter basically flew by for me thanks to losing time to my psychosis, and I have a hard time remembering and keeping track of things as it is.

I return to friendships and places that aren't quite the same and before I know it, my favorite season is over, spring is about to begin.

I hope I stay healthy through the springtime, I'm still without a diagnosis. Spring can be rough when you have a mood disorder.

Dealing with illness is part of health, and rationing health is part of illness.

mushroom culture methods 

No agar need the ingredients are siple and all the jars lids and syringes are reusable. There isn't even a need for a pressure cooker due to them being sterilized in a hot water bath so its winning all around.

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Keep thinking about all the new skills that come with chronic illness and how to manage them.

I think Ill start doing my botany posts again to keep myself learning the vocabulary regularly. Making the posts was a good way for me to learn. I did it on sunbeam why not here.

My roommate didn drain the bokashi while i was gone and had o throw it out because it went bad 😢

It was almost fully fermented and almost full 😢

Now I have to start over. WIth a new bin. At least ill have one ready for springtime and the balcony

I have made it out of hospital! And have the compy up. Cant smoke though :(. Coming here is like leaving the smoky bar of the internet and walking into the woods. Well moderated woods.

Doing fucked up shit for power mutates your worldview.

Its always cursed

Canada praires, of course they suck. 

wonder why people out there are so fucked up? Theyve been raping murdering settling and poisoning the land into submission for a few generations of course theyre fucked up.

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