Anyone have any good spellbook recs?

Black and Queer friendly ones especially?

I keep having dreams about pentagrams and rituals.

weight gain / health (+) / food 

I also want to start clothes pick ups.

All that fabric wasted, sold for extremely high prices second hand.

Instead, could be making furniture cushions, roll up beds, diapers, socks, carpets, sweaters, boots, boot covers.

More and more people are poor and homeless. These textiles can easily be converted into nomadic items we all need.

Its just... time and money and spoons..

growing food, $ 

YES my bokashi was a success!! Its beautifully incorperated into dark soil now.

Im really happy!!!!

lost friends / brown Jesus/ white jesus 


people whove been burnt 

fascist is fantasy for libs who want power 

fascist is bloodlust 

fascist is bloodlust 

Sadists think they're "honest" 

guilt and sadism in capitalism 

late capitalism / survival 



Getting through to someone / liberalism to leftism 

Getting through to someone / liberalism to leftism 

Getting through to someone / liberalism to leftism 

quebec/ ignorance / might / liberalism 

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